Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Discovering Light out of the Dark

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Up,Up in the sky, outside the range of our Earth’s surface, lies the never-ending bewildering voluminous world of the universe where any ordinary people cannot decipher. 

 It’s family consisting of the matchless planets, sand-in-numbers stars, massive asteroids and comets, and other puzzling-undiscovered things that are awaiting to be discovered that make up the entire cosmos were all majestically-shaped and fabricated that magnetized every inquisitive mind of humanity.

It requires an interesting and scrupulous mind, a lot of time, too much effort, technologically-created machines and tools and loads of patience to be able to scrutinize it from its easily-discovered stuff up to its microscopic details.

Thanks to some useful and attainable instruments that made the impossible things for accustomed people to be possible to have a glimpse on what’s ahead beyond the world where we are walking in.

Biggest Telescope in the Country

In the Philippines, PAGASA Astronomical Observatory is equipped with a 45-cm computer-based telescope which is donated by the Japanese Government through its Cultural Grant-Aid Program and also the biggest ever acquired operational telescope by the PAGASA. It is used in the observation of variable stars.

The observatory has two other telescopes ( 10” and 7” Meade refracting telescopes ) being exercise for stargazing and telescoping session purposes, which visitors can use during their visits.

Stargazing and Planet Hunting 

As the sky started to paint the open air with its reddish-orange color, the sun announced its farewell to end the day. This moment marks the coming of the different astronomy enthusiasts from various parts of Metro and sometimes, from far provinces just to witnessed the glorious phenomenon occurring in the outside world.

If the sky condition will authorize, planet Jupiter can be seen in the Western part. And as the surroundings began to faint, Mercury and Venus can be catch by our eyes through the telescope. In the Eastern part, planet Mars was present and as the clock ticks at around 11 PM, the striking rings of Saturn will blow you up. 

Different constellations and its corresponding stars can also be distinguished. Carina nebula, Capela, the three stars forming equilateral and isosceles triangle, the Tres Marias and bright stars like Vega and Sirius were also in attendance during stargazing.  

Event Lecturers

The skyrocketing knowledge and countless experiences of the lecturers of PAGASA also added an extra spice for the activities. Their know-it-all personality will uplift your sense of eagerness and fascination regarding the field. Their words of wisdom and encyclopedic vocabulary concerning the heavenly bodies were deeply dumbfounding.  

Universe: A Magical Infinite World Needed to be Studied 

Truly, the world lying behind the world that we already knew is undeniably monumental, broad and really far from our own. Sometimes, other people might say and conclude that this area is not anymore worthy to be study or observe because of its distance. But, the most crucial thing people usually fail to understand is that there are outnumber events and occurrences in outer space that will definitely affects our way of living here on Earth.

The universe is undoubtedly a magical feature created by the Almighty. It has a room for every impossibilities, a door leading to undefined things and a window for every questionable and unexplained things and creature.

Therefore, it demands a futuristic point of view, open-minded analyzing of matters, perseverance, passion, eagerness, patience and a keen insight to peruse and balance out things.


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