Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today’s Interactive Man: Mr. Doob

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Lots of people nowadays bring out elusive works in the world of HTML 5. And speaking of people therein, we have the amazing Mr. Doob alongside with his awes trucking outputs.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Ricardo Cabello a.k.a. Mr. Doob created the programming for the interactive video for Milk/Koblin’s “Wilderness Downtown”  for Arcade Fire. Previously a senior designer for Spring Digital, he was also technical director on Milk/Koblin’s “3 Dreams of Black” by Rome and the WebGL music video.

Starting with the ball pool, continuing with the beautiful Harmony and his latest the Google Gravity, he continuously got commissioned to do things Google showed off at their big events.

Mr. Doob’s Harmony

Harmony is a drawing app created with HTML5 and JavaScript. It provides the user with a special set of brushes to paint or draw on the canvas with.

Inspired by this code in the Generative Design book, Harmony by Mr.Doob  is a result of weekend play with various drawing algorithms and <canvas>.

Canvas was initially introduced by Apple for use inside their own Mac OS X WebKit component, later adopted by Gecko browsers and standardized for the next generation web technologies. It consists of a drawable region defined in HTML code with height and width attributes. JavaScript code may access the area through a full set of drawing functions allowing for dynamically generated graphics (wikipedia).

Ricardo’s app includes a number of different drawing styles generally driven by connecting previously drawn points together or tangenting off the same points creating a pencil shading type effect where the edges are not as clearly defined. Ricardo also points out that the web app is built modular so he can keep adding more brush styles in the future.

In addition, because the app is basicly based on WebKit, some adaptations to the code make it work on Webkit mobile (Android and iPhone). Whilst he hasn’t implemented multitouch support yet and is a little slow compared to desktop browsers, it is quite impressive nonetheless.

Mr. Doobs Google Gravity
Another one by the amazing Mr Doob, this one is less interactive than the first but still cool. It gives a basic copy of Google’s main search page. But when you point your cursor the whole page begins to ‘fall’ until all of them crash at the bottom. The Google logo works as an active link that refreshes the page. A good game for those great companies which hates Google, may be.

Other works of Mr. Doob includes the following. Click the link to have an interactive experience with the amazing world of Mr. Doob.


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