Friday, February 10, 2012

Debutante on Stage

Friday, February 10, 2012

Maturity truly comes at 18, different changes occur. This particular moment of every girl’s life, seems so important, because this will be the time to bid good bye to the shadow of childhood. The time that the bridge of innocence will be cut and form another valuable chapter of life.

Debut celebration is a significant occasion which demands the presence of important personas in the family. The celebration becomes so intimate and heartfelt drama among the first family members mostly happen during this occasion.

Debut highlights, the 18 Roses Dance where the Debutante shares a memorable dance with 18 men with each one offering a freshly-cut red beautiful rose. The father of the debutante is typically the first one to dance, often called The Father and Daughter Dance. The Debutante picks the 18 songs to play and the participants normally include relatives, friends, godfathers, neighbours and acquaintances.

Next of the tradition is The 18 Candles Presentation, wherein 18 ladies will light 18 candles to resemble the 18 lights that will serve as guidance to the debutante as she makes her transition to the status of a full grown woman. Sometimes, the 18-lighted candles are the candles that the debutante blows before she cuts the cake. Most often, the mother of the debutante is the last of the 18 candles participants. Each participant also says a word, a congratulatory note or wishes to the debutante.

A new activity that we have seen lately is what others call The 18 Symbolic Treasures, where 18 participants, mostly family friends and relatives, as well as godmothers and godfathers, offer a gift to the debutante. A perfect gift is something that the Debutante can treasure as she moves on to college and started to live as a young woman.

The last of the tradition is A Word from the Debutante, where the Debutante shares her thoughts of probably one of the most memorable times of her life.

Likewise, a debutante’s ball is a way for the parent to showcase to the society their daughter’s talents or specials sills like dancing, singing or playing instruments and other talents she possesses.

G- God fearing

       E- Enthusiast
                                                                           N- Noble

The desire of her heart could be read on how she lives her life. Her passion to go farther of her dreams is like of burning woods that creates an extraordinary flame.
A lady from San Jose del, Monte Bulacan. . .
The pride and Joy of Mr. and Ms. Laurel. . .
And the lady beyond every beauty. . .
Nonetheless. .  .
Geneva Nathalia Coronel Laurel


Six Months Before:
1. Plan a budget with your parents.
2. Decide on the number of guests you want to have and make a prelim guest list.
3. Decide on your color motif and theme.
4. Look for designers, choreographer, a mobile, florists, photographers and videographers. Look at their portfolios and sample work.
5. List the members of your cotillion and warn them that rehearsals may fall on weekends. Ask them about their schedules so you both know what kind of commitment to expect.
6. Once you have confirmed your venue and cotillion members, have your invitation printed as early as possible. Order additional envelopes just in case errors are made while addressing them.

Four Months Before:
1. Finalize your guest list.
2. Select the menu based on your budget decide on what type of cake you like. There are some bakers who can do very intricate designs, and there are others who can make simpler cakes on a budget.
3. Book your vendors and make down payments: the florist, photographer, videographer, baker and band/mobile. Make sure that you have a written contract with all of them.
4. Discuss the type of cotillion you want with your choreographer, and make a schedule of rehearsals.
5. Finalize with your gown designs.

Three Months Before:
1. Schedule measurements and fittings of your gowns (with the cotillion members).
2. Start taping interviews with your family and friends for the video presentation.
3. Finalize your menu and make the necessary down payments.
4. Start having trial make-up sessions with different artists. Have your picture taken after each trial so that you can remember how each one made you up. There are times when how you look in person differs from your face in the photograph.
5. Begin rehearsals for the cotillion and other special programs.
6. Decide on the souvenirs.

Two Months Before:
1. Book the make-up artist of your choice.
2. Send your invitation envelopes to your calligrapher of printer.
3. Conceptualize the décor and set-up with the florist or the hotel

One Month Before:
1. Send out your invitations.
2. Buy your accessories: shoes, bag, hosiery, jewelry, undergarments.
3. Go for final fittings and rehearsals with the cotillion members.
4. Finalize the layout and logistics of the reception venue.
5. If you hired a coordinator, tie-up all the loose ends and discuss the flow of the events and program. Otherwise, assign someone who can take care of wrapping up and settling the bill for you after the function.

Two Weeks Before:
1. Discuss the program with the hose.
2. Give the final head count to the Banquet Officer of the hotel or your caterer. Don’t forget to add the coordinators, photographers, videographer, etc. to the headcount.
3. Reconfirm all your reservations with the florist, photographer, videographer, baker, band/mobile, make-up artist, etc.
4. Buy a token gift for your parents to thank them for giving you a wonderful debut

One Week Before:
1. Arrange your souvenirs and guest book.
2. Do one last cotillion rehearsal.
3. Relax for the rest of the week.

The Day Before:
Relax. Sleep Early.

The Day Itself:
Kick Off Heels and have fun!

After the Debut Day:
1. Clean Up and make returns.
2. Have your gown professionally dry cleaned.
3. Make thank you cards for all the gifts you received.

Source: Seventeen Philippines, July 2001

By Charley Antonio and Hazel Villonco of the Bridal Cortege


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