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Manila to make it first in Hollywood through Bourne Legacy

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It had been a warm welcomed for the Philippines this year after the hit spy action thriller franchise chooses Manila as their location for its fourth installment film “Bourne Legacy”. Scheduled to be released in theaters Aug. 3, the film was written and is being directed by Tony Gilroy -- who penned the first three films -– and will be the first without Matt Damon playing the title role. Bourne is not a character in the new movie. Jeremy Renner, instead, will portray an agent in the same line of business as Bourne, with Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton co-starring.

The film had already start shooting in the country since January 11 in selected locations in Manila and will also shoot a scene at the country’s pride El Nido, Palawan, an island province known for its pristine beaches and tropical rain forests.

Three Filipino actors were reportedly to play a role in the Hollywood film – Iza Calzado, Sid Lucero and Jericho Rosales. Some local residents particularly in the Leveriza Street were also tapped to play bit roles.
Before the Bourne Manila has a history of being used to portray other cities like Jakarta in Peter Weir’s 1982 drama “The Year of Living Dangerously,” Bangkok in Jonathan Kaplan’s 1999 thriller “Brokedown Palace,” and Panama City in Showtime’s 2000 biopic “Noriega: God’s Favorite.” 

“Legacy,” however, will be the first notable Hollywood movie to represent the capital as itself. Action scenes including a helicopter hovering above the financial district and a long car chase through a major thoroughfare are to be shot in the city, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

Rachel Weisz at the first shooting day of “Bourne Legacy” in San Andres Complex, Manila

British actress Rachel Weisz takes a break from the set of “Bourne Legacy”

Officials in the Philippines are hoping "Bourne" will play a vital role in elevating the country's profile in Hollywood. "This will generate great interest in our country since [it demonstrates] we can provide the facilities for such big productions,” the Film Development Council of the Philippines said in a statement.

Though there are no film incentives available in the Philippines, the Film Development Council touts its cheap transportation, accommodations and labor, as well as widespread fluency in English as factors that can make the country more attractive to Hollywood filmmakers. “It is also a melting pot culture where locations can be depicted as Asian, Hispanic or prewar American,” the council said.

Below are the shooting locations in Manila and dates:

Jan. 11 to 13 (Wednesday to Friday) - Leveriza St. from Quirino to San Andres

Jan. 11 to 13 (Wednesday to Friday) - San Andres St. from Orosa to Guerrero

Jan. 14 (Saturday) - San Andres St. from Guerrero to Taft Ave.

Jan. 15 (Sunday) - Leveriza St. from Ilang-ilang to Quirino Ave.

Jan. 15 (Sunday) - Quirino Ave. from M. Adriatico to Bagong Lipunan

Jan. 18 and 19 (Wednesday and Thursday) - Jorge Bocobo St., corner Remedios Circle

Jan. 18 and 19 (Wednesday and Thursday) - Remedios Circle

Jan. 25 (Wednesday), Feb. 17 and 18 (Friday and Saturday) - Sta. Lucia St.

Jan. 25 (Wednesday), Feb. 17 and 18 (Friday and Saturday) - Real St.

Jan. 25 (Wednesday), Feb. 17 and 18 (Friday and Saturday) - Riverside Drive

Feb. 5 (Sunday) - Jones Bridge

Feb. 8 to 15 (Wednesday to Wednesday) - Ramon Magsaysay Blvd.

No specific dates yet indicated for the following places:

Marikina City Public Market
Ayala Ave. (Makati)
Navotas City Fish Port
EDSA corner Taft Ave.
El Nido, Palawan

Sources: Metro Manila Development Authority, Manila City Hall

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It’s a matter of “RESPECT” (Pope Benedict XVI’s Pronouncement about gay marriage)

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Different theories were presented to discover where the world really came. Some of these were Biblical, Big Bang and Evolution theories that have various explanations to know how earth created. This is somehow an implication that people are all unlike. Every individual will make decisions based on what they believe and what they choose to be. These differences will always have positive and negative results. We can witness the people’s disparities in one of today’s utmost controversies, the Pope Benedict XVI’s Pronouncement on gay marriage.

The Pronouncement
It was Monday, January 9, 2012, during the Annual World Day of Peace Message; Pope Benedict XVI addressed his deepest sentiments before Vatican diplomats from nearly 180 countries stressing education needs setting especially in understanding family as based on the marriage of a man and a woman.

He continued,

This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself.

He further affirmed,

The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and States; hence there is a need for policies which promote the family and aid social cohesion and dialogue. It is in the family that we become open to the world and to life.

Following Pope Benedict XVI’s pronouncement that gay marriage is a threat to humanity’s future, representatives of affected groups have voiced conflicting opinions on the matter.

The words uttered by the Pope crafted mushrooms of opinion throughout the world, specifically to the Philippines, a country known to have several of religious beliefs.

Don’t call it a marriage
According to Assistant Executive Secretary of the CBCP Episcopal Commission for Family and Life Fr. Dave Clay, the main problem is calling it a marriage. “They can’t get married at all. It’s a contradiction. Marriage is between a man and a woman”. Fr. Dave clarified to an interview on News to Go, GMA News TV that he is not the enemy of gay men and women; he maintained that it is not possible for them (gays) to marry.

“If two men want to live together, what can I say? But don’t call it a marriage,” he emphasized, differentiating a live-in relationship, which he said is not a threat to humanity.

“Calling it marriage is a threat to humanity, because it’s not a marriage. It’s insulting God. God created marriage. God created Adam and Eve, a man and a woman. That’s what we believe as Christians, that’s what we believe as Catholics. And even non-Christians and non-Catholics believe that it’s between a man and a woman, so if you’re going to make another relationship and call that marriage, it’s insulting God,” Fr. Clay explained.

Fr. Dave Clay’s avowal is basically on what he know is right. He maybe a representation of the Roman Catholic’s side in the Philippines, who filled the 80.9% of the country’s population (digits are courtesy of http://www.indexmundi.com/philippines/demographics_profile.html).

Gross National Happiness
Contradicting the statement of Pope Benedict XVI, Ladlad Chairman Emeritus Danton Remoto said that the increased for gay marriage will encourage others to come out of the closet, this will result in an increase in the “gross national happiness” of Filipinos.

“Kasi ang closet para yang kabaong. It’s like a coffin, kung makalabas sila diyan, maging maligaya sila, tataas ang kanilang kaligayahan, yung gross national happiness ng Pilipino I think tataas. We can be happy, we can be gay,” he told News to Go co-anchor Kara David.

Same Sex Marriage or Gay Marriage will somehow be an unending-issue since people in this world have the right to follow what their minds and hearts are telling. Every matter has always two sides: it’s either Yes or No, Pro or Anti, Agree or Disagree, etc. Each idea has a power to be heard, whether it will accepted or rejected. The thing is on how people convey their ideas and how they respect others feelings.

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Impeachment of the Chief Justice

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CJ Corona’s Impeachment Trial – a widely known issue that grasped everyone's inquisitive mind that became one of the controversial and tough topic in the Supreme Court.

The Impeachment trial against the Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato C. Corona was set in motion by President Aquino after the Chief Justice and other Arroyo appointees had issued the temporary restraining order ( TRO ) to halt the travel ban against former President now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo.

According to Feliciano Belmonte, the President was dissapointed and felt bad regarding the TRO that was issued to Arroyo with the help of the Supreme Court.

After the incident, the President gathered forces in the Liberal Party and other parties. The House Leaders worked promptly to assemble a case against the Chief Justice.

The 57 – page fabricated document filed against Corona required a signature of almost one-third of the 285 house members; a necessitate to impeach the Chief Justice without even going through plenary debates.

The count had gained 188 according to Iloilo Representative Niel Tupas Jr. as the head and the 24 – member senate also formed itself as an impeachment court.

Through selecting diverse reliable resources online, listed below are the charges delivered by the House of Representative against CJ Corona. 

1. Betrayal of Public Trust ( BPT )

2. Culpable Violation of the Constitution ( CVC )

3Graft and Corruption   ( GNC )

1. Issuance of flip-flopping decisions in final and executory cases, the appointment of his wife to a public office, and discussing pending cases in the SC with litigants (CVC, BPT)

2.Partiality and subservience in cases involving the Arroyo administration (BPT)

3. Failure to blurt out to the public his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (CVC, BPT)

4. Issuance of the “status quo ante” order against the House of Representatives in the case concerning the impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez (CVC, BPT)

5. His vote in the decision in favor of gerrymandering in the cases involving 16 newly-created cities, and the promotion of Dinagat Island into a province (BPT)

6.Improper creation of the SC ethics committee (BPT)

7. Granting a temporary restraining order in favor of former President Arroyo (BPT)

8. Failure and refusal to account for the Judicial Development Fund and special allowance for the judiciary collections (BPT, CNC)

Witnesses testified last week before the senate to state the authenticity of Corona’s SALN and propoerties. Included in the witnesses who stand in front of the senate were Supreme Court Clerk of Court Enriqueta Esguerra-Vidal and Marianito Dimaandal, head of Malacanang Records Office, Randy Rutaquio (register of deeds of Taguig City), Carlo Alcantara (register of deeds of Quezon City), and Sedfrey Garcia (register of deeds of Marikina City.)

Now on the second week of trial, Bureau of Internal Revenue commissioner Kim Jacinto – Henares testified on Corona’s Income Tax Return ( ITR ) from 1992 to 2010.

The prosecution team presented evidences for Article of Impeachment II while the defense team is trying it’s superb action to impedes the prosecution from collecting materials and evidence.

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Fit Your Feet With the Perfect Running Footwear

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Ready, set, GO!!!
Trending: Marathons

Lots of Marathon events were now organized particularly for charity purposes. To give you a recall, the Philippines uphold around 32 marathons for the year 2011. The biggest goes for the Milo Marathon and the Run for the Pasig River which is participated by a record breaking 116,000 runners. Recently, another marathon project shakes the first month of the year as the Unity Run (Run for Free College Education) as organized by the UNTV 37 and it’s CEO Daniel Razon gathered a 209,000 registered running enthusiast – a far more achievement than the record set by the Pasig River Marathon.

Still, more and more marathon events are yet to come. And one of the important considerations before the actual event is how well you are prepared enough to run? If you are a serious runner, a marathon is a serious matter. To complete a marathon, you need a seemingly endless source of energy and a stamina that can take you from the beginning all the way to the finish line.

Most of us would want to worry last their running shoe. Yet, it must be included in your preparation list. By the time you start running, you must have the confidence in your shoe. In many ways the issues facing a marathon entrant are the same as those facing any other runner. But with the distances multiplied the amount of time you spend in your shoes is multiplied too. That means increased potential for discomfort or even injury. And so footwear choice becomes important.

There are three top requirements that a runner must consider in choosing his/her footwear:
      1. It must fit your feet.
Avoid looking for a shoe that looks great; instead look for a shoe that fits perfectly to your feet. And to find the perfect shoe, first you must analyze what kind of feet you have.

Flat Footed : Pronation Suport
Flat-footed marathon runners tend to pronate more than usual, which can be limiting and dangerous for a runner.
A runner with flat feet needs to control that movement with motion control shoes. These are shoes that rigidly support the foot so that it wouldn’t pronate during a run. If you have flat feet, also look for padding at the arch area.

High Arche : Supination Control
The next foot type is high-arched, which tend to cause supination, and to reduce this, the runner needs cushioned shoes. There should be sufficient padding in the arch area, the insole, and the outsole. Shock absorption is also a must.

Normal Type/Arch : Neutral Running Shoes
The last and most common type of feet is the normal type or normal arched. It’s not easy to find a shoe for a neutral runner. You need to look for a shoe that provides just the right level of cushioning and support; this lies in between cushioned shoes and motion control shoes.

2.)    2. A Rebound Energy Provider
Since a marathon can be rather tiring, you can really use additional sources of energy that can pump you up even in the middle of the marathon. So why don’t you get shoes that can give you a powerful surge of rebounding energy? Try an Air-Sole cushioning units that provides the runner with a forceful push forward each time the foot lands. As the foot lands, the air-based cushioning units compress then slowly expand again. As it expands to its original height, it pushes the runner off the ground as well with added energy.

3.)   3.  Lightweight and Flexile
Imagine the scene. You are running a marathon, and the sun is beating down on you. You are perspiring and are running at your best. But your foot feels so heavy now, and it’s growing heavier with every step you take. Your foot muscles also feel strained. You feel yourself slowing down.
That’s what can happen if you choose the wrong shoe. In this case, the wrong shoe is a running shoe that’s heavy, bulky, and restrictive. This is why you need a lightweight and flexible running shoe. Flexibility is important so your feet can take free and efficient strides without having to exert force and energy.

Bear in mind these factors upon choosing your running shoe. To show you some proven and recommended brands that meet these standards, we’ve got a couple of shoe models below:

Mens Asics Gel Kinsei 2
Also known as Asics Kinsei
These pair  do offer a high level of cushioning which comes with a very stable ride too. These are not support shoes but they do guide your feet very well. While the shoe is not particularly the responsiveness is surprisingly good for such a protective shoe.

Mens Adidas Supernova Glide
Also known as Adidas Supernova Glide
The Supernova Glidemay not get as much recognition as some other shoes in this ‘neutral’ category. But the shoe has good cushioning with some spring to it, as well as a stable and nicely guide ride. But it also feels responsive enough to use for some faster running so you can use it for those swifter runs and sessions or just enjoy that responsiveness in your steady runs.

Mens Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8
Also known as Mizuno Alchemy 8
This is one shoe it was hard to know where to place in this list. It has more support than the shoes above it so could be higher up among the more protective models. But it feels light and responsive for such a protective shoe. The cushioning will suit heavier runners as well as lighter guys who have bigger over-pronation issues.

Mens Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8
Also known as Brooks Adrenaline
The Adrenaline GTS are another shoe that score well on all the key attributes which you would want a training shoe to offer. The cushioning works well and in combination with the support and flexibility you get a comfortable and smooth ride. The upper fit is good and the shoe is ideal for logging up the miles of training for a marathon.

Mens Nike Air Zoom Elite+ 4
Also known as Nike Air Zoom Elite+ 4
A good support shoe particularly if you are a forefoot or midfoot striker. Nice support and cushioning mean lighter runners can use this as a trainer but it is well up to faster work.

Mens Saucony Grid Fastwitch 3
Also known as Saucony Fastwich 3
A good support shoe particularly if you are a forefoot or midfoot striker. Nice support and cushioning mean lighter runners can use this as a trainer but it is well up to faster work.

Mens Nike Air Jasari+
Also known as Nike Jasari+
Okay, there are some more lightweight racers out there that some runners will fancy for a marathon. But we’re putting this down as the most minimal of our neutral offerings. The shoe has a smooth and responsive ride. The upper does not give a huge amount of support but fits well and holds your foot quite nicely, and the midsole does have a relatively stable feel to it.

As you take your first step in the marathon proper, be mindful that what truly matters in every race are neither the winners nor the quitters. As long as you fought for it all the way to the finish line, you’ve already extend your arm to the benefactors of every marathon event.  

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The Water Dragon Cuisine (A Chinese New Year’s Dinner Treat)

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Beating of the drums echoed on the street. Market extends up to the sidewalks that feature varieties of circle-shaped fruits and tingling charms such as crystals and amulets.  Dragon dances were being performed in synchronize steps as money filled their red envelopes or “ampao” in return for each group exceptional performance. Almost half of the roaming crowds were in “red”. And lastly, piles of “tikoy” and aromas from Chinese cuisines scented the atmosphere implying a “Kong Hei Pat Choi” greeting.

January 23, 2012. No place in the Philippines would be busier on this day other than the China Ton in Carriedo Street, Manila. Chinese New Year is truly a remarkable holiday to Filipinos especially to our Chinese fellowmen. This event reflects how these people behaved and what they believed in most. They pour out money to buy presents, decoration, material, clothing and food which resembles their customs and traditions. Among these, the Chinese cuisines were the top priority on this celebration. As we witnessed how our Chinese brothers and sisters welcome the year of the water dragon, let me take you to a food experience that will surely satisfy your Chinese cravings.

On their new year’s eve, Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner known as Chu Xi. The venue will usually be in or near the home of the most senior member of the family. The New Year’s Eve dinner is very sumptuous and traditionally includes items such as pigs, ducks, chicken, and sweet delicacies. Some of these Chinese foods are consumed to usher in health, happiness and good fortune. Its names are also homophones for words that mean good things.

 And to serve the menus for the day, the following dishes then filled the tables: 

1.)    Buddha’s delight (kou ru)
An elaborate vegetarian dish served by Chinese families on the eve and on the first day of the New Year. It is a type of black-hair algae, pronounced as “Fat Choy” in Cantonese, is also featured in the dish for its name, which sounds like “prosperity”. 

2.)    Fish (Yu)
Usually eaten but not completely for the remains is stored in the overnight. Its name (yu) is a homophone for “surpluses”. The purpose of remaining some of it goes with the Chinese phrase “may there be surpluses (fish) every year”. 

3.)    Jau Gok (you jiao)
The Chinese new year main dumpling. It is believed to resemble ancient Chinese gold ingots. 

4.)    Jiao Zi (dumplings)
Eaten traditionally in Northern China because the preparation is similar to packaging luck inside the dumpling which is later eaten. 

           Mandarin Oranges (jin ju)
The most popular and abundant fruit during the Chinese new year. Its name is also a homophone of luck (jin) and fortune (ju). 

            Melon seed (kwatji)
Also includes other seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin. 

7.       Noodles
Families always served it uncut not only in the new year since it represents long life.

8.      Sweets
Sweets and similar dried fruits goods are stored in a red or black Chinese candy box. 

9.      Bakkwa (rou gan)
The Chinese salty-sweet dried meat, which is trimmed of the fat, sliced, marinated and then smoked for later consumptions or as a gift. 

1        Toro Cakes
Made from the vegetable taro as the cakes were cut into squares. 

1    Turnip cakes
A dish made of shredded radish and rice flour; it is usually fried and cut into small squares. 

Yusheng or Yeesang (yu sheng)
Raw fish salad that was said to bring good luck. It is usually eaten on the seventh day of the new year and throughout the year. 

           Nian Gao
Popularly known as tikoy. Nian Gao is considered as the Chinese new year pudding and the pronunciation of its name is a homophone for a “more prosperous year”. It is made up of glutinous rice flour, wheat, starch, salt, water and sugar
It is not a pre-requisite to include all of these dishes on the Chinese New Year ’s Eve dinner. Though each symbolizes good things such as fortune and good luck, the real key to success depend on one’s attitude and perception. What truly marks our Chinese fellowmen are their patience and dedication to work. Also, they tend to set aside the bad things and distractions they’ve encountered and embraces with such positive outlook each coming year. 

Note: Photos included in these post are property of the administrators.

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“Experience the Antic Ride @metro”

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In connection with the new slogan of the Department of Tourism, the Online Ink would like to treat you on the different places in Metro, Manila that would surely made you feel happy. . .

Through articles, photos and video, you could think of getting at the places and enjoy the fun in the Philippines.

Some of the places being featured are commonly seen in television but as you go further of browsing it, you would realize its value that a real Blooded Filipino and even those of other races would be interested to have an experience in these places.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us have a glimpse on the pride of the metropolis. . . .
Seat back and relax. .  . As the “Your Digestive Mind Site” tours you to the world of fun!

“Observe, Discover, Learn @manilaZoo

This year, is the 53rd anniversary of Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, the pioneering Zoo in Asia, which became a popular land mark in the Philippines. It has a land area of 5.5 hectares and currently inhibiting 500 animals. There are about 106 animal species; 30 of which are kinds of mammals, 63 are reptiles and 13 types of birds.

Manila Zoo is visited by approximately 2 million people annually. Mostly are students from provinces having their field trips and educational tours, for more than 5 decades, it serves as an educational center in the country.

Filipinos and tourist became so much aware of the Philippines fauna, because here, visitors were allow to reach the non-wild animals to interact with them (feed and play). Also it has varieties of our native flora which are planted along the paths of Manila Zoo.

Through government and NGO’s programs, Manila zoo has been under renovations. Part of it, are roads and animal’s shelters. At the same time, Manila zoo administration also opened new attraction for the kids, it’s called “kinder zoo” (animals from other countries can be seen here) featuring; Butterfly Dome, Exotic Bird Aviary, Koi Pond, Philippine Mouse Dear House, Petting zoo, Turtle Pond, Party Barn, Playground, Hanging Bridge, and Flamingo Pond.

However, those animals aged in the zoo that gave smile to visitors for several years were now replaced. Hence, it is part of proper treatment for animals.

Despite of the development, Manila zoo is still remained affordable. Admission fees are; P40.00 for adult and children 4ft above, while children below 4ft and who are Manila residents are only ask to pay P20.00 by just providing identification card. And P100.00 for the entrance fee in kinder Zoo but children below 2 years old has free entrance.

Fauna of Manila Zoo

The Unfold history @rizalPark
Amidst the city spark and extravagance, plagued the historical land mark of the Philippines. The place where Rizal took his last breath dated 1896, and a place where every Filipino suppose to visit. In the old age, it was called “Bagumbayan” pronouncing thoughts of history and trials of this nation. But as it was called Rizal Park, all new has been conveyed in this place.

A wide area of Luneta is nowadays a place for joggers and tai-chi practitioners. The comfortable field and sceneries invites them to gather every morning. Luneta as everyone’s know has lots of mesmerizing spots, most especially at night, the “Dancing Fountain” which varies colors and movement will annoy you to take a shot here.

However, traditional way of enjoying the place where still rampant, for many years, Luneta had witness different love stories. And still, this place is the favorite spot of the lovers. This is also good for picnic venue, family gatherings and even for lot any activities that needed a wide place.

As development arises, Luneta Park also became part of it. To promote the Philippines’ Tourism, all areas of history and fun were being subjected to quite changes. Due to that, Luneta has varieties of features now. Some of those are; orchidarium, Chinese garden, planetarium, dozens of fountains, an amphitheatre, and children’s play ground and skating rink. But despite of it, history of Luneta is still unfolded.

Historical Landmark

An Escapade @starCity
For every ride, there is fun and excitement”
Need not to escape within Metro to experience the thrilling adventure of a theme park, because, the city premises it for you!

For just an hour and a half, form Manila, City you could easily locate “Star City” the country’s cheapest theme park featuring; kiddie rides, exciting adventures for adults, walk-in attractions, fast food chains and bazaars.

Since 1991, when it was fully established, Star City has nothing but to create happiness among its customers. Perhaps, the reason why students from near provinces chose star city, every time they were having field trips and excursions. That also came to the existence of new adventures and rides. Hence, the administration guarded the safety and protection of all visitors most especially children.

The theme park has lots of rides to enjoy, for kids; Junior Bump Car, Magic Tea Cup, and fire slide awaits here. On the other hand, adults can also find here thrilling rides like; Surf Dance, Star flyer and Wild River. Other attraction for adults are; Super Viking, Zyklon Loop and Adult Bumper Boat. And for those who just want to relax, Star City made it extra especial for you, featuring the walk-in attractions like; Snow World, Peter Pan and Land of the Giants. Also, Star City caters fast food chain like Jolibee and Goto King. Additionally, you could also shop here, for souvenirs, foot wear and apparels.
Going here will not cost too much, for those who just want to enter the theme park, P60.00 would be enough, meanwhile, P200.00 for those who want to try four different rides and for P250.00, you can experience “ride-all-you-can.”

 Exciting rides of Star City

Manuel Quezon’s Legacy @QCCircle
For several times my friends and I gone to Quezon City Circle for school requirements, my mind can actually visualize the different features of it.

The monument being lighted as soon as the night came, the 
wide area intended for jogging, biking, selling foods and native stuffs, the fountain which can captivate breath, as it varies color and form, the “Hardin ng Bulaklak” which our group took some videos and scenes, the “World Peace bell” surrounded by flags of different nations, the amusement parks for kids and the most important is the “Museum of President Manuel Quezon.”

Perhaps, this doesn’t in-need of long explanation why this place is dedicated to Quezon, as all been aware of his legacy.

Having a tour in this place will not only amaze you by the ambience it has like of the province. Every step in this place will actually reminisce the ideologies of Quezon way back his time. Especially, when you visit the museum and his memorial place, a very warm experience with catches you, just like having a journey in the past.

All his belongings can be seen, pictures from the beginning of his political career and of his last days on earth.  And for those who wanted an extra inspiration, his thoughts being a nationalistic are posted on the wall of the museum.

Views of Quezon City Circle

Somehow, you can say that our forefathers have really royal blood, because memorabilia speaks about it. Here, you can find the ruins of history that could create an affectionate feeling of being a Filipino.

Discovering the Philippines is not only about visiting hidden beauty of province, because in the city. . .
History, Learning and Fun can also catch by everyone . . .
Like of the new slogan “It’s more Fun in the Philippines”
Because in Pinas, fun will chase you anywhere! 

Note: Photos are owned by Google; Photos seen in the video are property of the administrators.

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“It’s Fun in the Philippines – It‘s More fun to be a Filipino”

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The new tagline of the Department of Tourism has launched by Secretary Mon Jimenez. Tagline had received several comments and reactions on the different social networking sites. – Detailing all bad sides, but generally not given any of its good.

But notwithstanding all bad comments and reactions, the new tagline has an extra impact, because it does not only focuses on the beauty of Pinas but mostly features the uniqueness of Filipino living.

“It’s more fun in the Philippines” has various insights that can truly invite foreigners to visit the Philippines.

Of course, its inhabitants.
The Pinoy per se, the living style of the Filipino that guaranteed as unique as compared to all other races.

Talking about these does not only implies Filipino owned delicacies, their beliefs and even festivities.

Simpler, and meeker thought . . . are their characters!
That has been adored by many. . .

Pinoys are. . .
Calamities and undesirable circumstances do not hinder their “smiling face”. Because of their strong fighting spirit, they can easily move on to all sufferings and even deaths.
Which can be seen during the times of unwanted situations. Through donations and gift of heart, the spirit of Bayanihan once again lives.
 Family centered.
The tradition of not living the house of parents can be visualized in this generation. Which is in contrast with what the other races do, the home for the aged is crowded and do not even has space for the others.
 God fearing.

Tagged as the only Christian Nation, the Filipinos have actually grown religious. Their different forms of worship and devotions to God have truly marked the history of religion all around the world.
 Good Samaritan.

Photos courtesy of  Google 

Pinoys can actually sacrifice even their most precious time and thing for the sake of fellow men. Their blood is willingly poured without any sense of doubt.

These primary, the essence of the new tagline of the Department of Tourism because, truly, Pinoys have lots of things to offer. Not only in its priceless sceneries, unique delicacies and products but most of all, is the characters that urge the other races to visit the Philippines.

They are free to laugh, to smile and to express their happiness in the sanctuary called the "Philippines"
The Nation comprises of 7, 107 islands featuring diversities of animals, plants and all living resources.
The planet of exceptional beauty.
The place of the wonder that everyone dreams to go!

Certainly. . .
“It’s More Fun in the Philippines”
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