Friday, February 24, 2012

Security risks in Social networking sites

Friday, February 24, 2012
Social networking sites are part of everyone’s life today but they can also be considered as another world for some people. It is a world where the things that cannot be done in ordinary life turns into reality.  It provides almost the wants and needs of people.

Conversely, the lack of physical contact in accessing social networking sites, users can mislay their privacy and can lead to casualties.

The lists of news below are proofs of what danger social networking sites can give if protection will not be considered.

By following these simple guidelines created by the Focus Editor, social networks patrons can keep to enjoy the power of internet and be able to manage safety and security. 

Be Discreet - Never type anything into a profile page, bulletin board, instant message or other type of online electronic form that would expose you to unwanted visitors or the possibility of identity theft or malicious threats. This includes personal and business names and addresses, phone numbers, job titles, birth dates, schedule details, daily routines and business or family information. It's far better to communicate in generalities than to reveal information that unscrupulous individuals may someday use against you.

Be Skeptical - Social network sites are full of useful business information, as well as to substantial amounts of useless disinformation. Treat anything you see online -- stock tips, advance news, personnel gossip and so on -- with a high degree of skepticism. Some people will lie in order to boost their own agenda, while others will spout unsubstantiated rubbish out of stupidity or sheer ignorance.

Be Thoughtful - Nobody likes a loudmouth, but the Internet has a curious way of releasing personal inhibitions. Never type anything online that can come back to bite you. This includes outrageous claims, slander, obscenity and insults. Be cool and professional, and always think twice before typing.

Be Professional - If you're posting a picture or video to a social network site, make sure it presents you in the best possible light. Dress professionally and, above all, don't disrobe or wear a funny hat.

Be Wary - People on the Internet are not always who they seem to be. The CEO you're chatting with in Denver may actually be a 14-year-old kid in Milwaukee -- or a prisoner in Romania. Until you can independently verify someone's identity -- using the same business tools that you would turn to to screen a new hire or confirm a prospective business partner -- never, ever reveal personal, business or financial information.

Check Privacy Policies - All major social network services have specific privacy guidelines that are published on their Web sites. Take the time to read and understand these documents, since they include the types of information that they will reveal -- or sell -- to other parties (including spammers). If you don't like the terms, don't use the service.

Social networking sites are potentially useful for everyone as it can be a source of income too, provided that users must approach them with an adequate amount of responsibility, caution and common sense.


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