Friday, March 2, 2012

WhoIsVinceGolangco? Do what Vince does

Friday, March 2, 2012
“Happiness”- that’s what people looking for. They have different meanings to impart when they ask to define it.

“Happiness”- try to type this on Microsoft Word, right click and let the arrow highlight synonyms, then words will come out: contentment,  pleasure, gladness, cheerfulness, joy, glee, blissful and delight. That’s how the computer defines happiness.

“Happiness” – this is what a person named Vince Golangco had.

Who is Vince Golangco? Visit and find out how this man conquered the internet sphere. Having a glimpse on his portfolio, Vince have been into different fields like blogging, writing, TV and Radio hosting, modeling, etc. Aside from those facts, there are other things people should know about him. When Vince was younger, he visited Philippines and able to learn to speak in Filipino a little bit and he moved here about two years ago just for a vacation but started to have fun in the country, that’s why he decided to stay.

Having fun. Vince is a natural story teller who would love to share whatever he is doing and let his friends know about his enjoyment. His party stories marked the beginning of a successful website, Vince’s friends love the way he shared his activities and thanks to the saying, “wheninrome, do what the Romans do”, was created. It was the end of year 2009 when this site was started and eventually in the year 2010, grabbed the award as the no.1 emerging influential blog. Check out this site, discover various activities happening in manila and realize that it’s more fun in the Philippines. Vince Golangco has 80 writers and still growing who were send to lots of destinations and let the people in the internet realm to somehow experience as well, the beauty of a certain place they went to.

Expressing yourself. Vince Golangco found writing as a best way to express himself. Because of his website, he was able to attend several events and meet cool people. Sharing served as Vince’s inspiration in everything he does. Definitely, Vince is Vince, he just be who really he is and enjoy what he really love to do.

a DJ on the spot.  Vince never expected to be a DJ but when DJ Angel of Mellow 94.7 introduced radio, and the station hired him on the spot and he worked on the spot as well, he became a DJ. This just happened for one reason, “Makwento ako”, he said.   Right now, Vince likes to do more nothing specific except for TV hosting. He would love to try that again if opportunity comes. 

Just write, write what you enjoy, you write every day. Not everybody has a chance to have a career in online but everybody has a right to dream that someday, whatever he posted will gain attention from the people. That’s why Vince Golangco wanted to keep in every blogger’s mind to, “keep updating”.

“Never take no as an answer”.  Information is one-click away. If you don’t know a particular thing, research it because everything is online. The secret to whatever and whoever Vince now is he did not turn down opportunities. He keeps on finding a way if he wants something and the universe will help to find the answer.

“Success”- that’s what people wishing and hoping for. Everyone has his own way to achieve this.

“Success”- According to Mr. Webster, it is the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted, the gaining of fame or prosperity and the extent of such gain.

“Success”- is preparation meeting opportunity. It means you don’t know when an opportunity will come so keep preparing. So let’s say, you want to be a great writer, every day, you write a little, you read about writing, you read about journalism, you read about great journalists in the past, because one day, all of a sudden, you don’t know, accidentally, maybe you’re in the elevator with the editor-in-chief of CNN or the boss of CNN, accident, you tell him, oh, I’m a journalist and she said, we’re looking for a journalist now and we’re opening and  she says to you, Where you have written before? And you said, I’ve not written before coz you don’t prepare coz you never contributed to a magazine, you never turned into newspapers, you don’t turned articles in newspapers, you never tried, you never prepared. So, you just keep preparing and you never know when the opportunity comes, so that’s what a success is, you keep preparing and when the opportunity comes and you’re prepared, you will be successful.– Vince Golangco.
Happiness + Vince Golangco’s Principles = SUCCESS

From L to R: Jessica Ayun, Mary Rose Violeta, DJ Vince Golangco, Mary Anghelli Lingo and Rachel-Ann Reanzares
The Full Interview with DJ Vince Golangco


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