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Extraordinary Learning from Uncomparable Training

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After almost an hour, I found myself standing nervously inside the huge building with the envelope seizing tightly in my side . The vast lobby was filled with people coming in and out of the building (you can easily notice that some were middle and upper class). It was simply decorated with well-designed decorations and stuffs,  devised with state-of –the-art facilities and engineered by innovative and modern technologies. I almost forgot what really is my busimess there so I remind myself. Yes. Im here to pass my requirements needed to accomplish and complete my 200 hr training.

            Funny, yes, but actually that’s the real scenario when I first set my foot on the colossal building of Eugenio Lopez Junior building or better known as ELJ Communications Center/ABS-CBN. Its not a question for me on how great that company is, so I really felt terrified with the idea that I will spend my time for training there. But I have to go on and perform well my duties and do everything what my supervisor will ask me to do with the best of my effort because there is no turning back.

            I was assigned in the Marketing-Events department of Creative Programs Inc (CPI) which ofcourse deals with the events that the program is holding. Myx, Cinema One, Balls, TVn, Hero, Lifestyle, Velvet, ANC, DZMM and FOX are some of the channels manage by the department.

            My first week seemed to be busy because there was an event for Metro magazine. It was a fashion show event held at Shangri-la hotel. It was fun, exciting and really,  an extravagant experience. Call time was 6 am which I understood after seeing the loot bags and various products given by awesome and generous endorsers. The team needed to atleast pack 700 loot bags with the products inside it to be given to the guests. Its quite a strenuous task given that we were outnumbered in the group. Thanks to my co-intern Venus and helpers Kuya Lenard, Rogelio and  Rian, we made it earlier before the expected time.

            The second event was the Cinema One Originals judging and awards night which took one whole week. During the awards night ,(which was held at Dolphy theater)  we felt terribly awesome yet poignant because different artist and directors surrounded the area but the sad point is…we cant have our photo taken there because we might got punish or scold because we are not supposed to act like that. We were in the time of work and our supervisor was also there so we just kept it in ourselves.

            The next stimulating and time-consumning event was Myx Mo. Actually its tough because we really needed to work well and fast as we can, double our time and needed to extend our time in the office.
But that hardships worth it all after receiving our bonus of free 20 tickets which  I have given to my friends and classmates.

            During the month of December, the whole department got busy for the christmas presentations and decorations. Fortunately, our department had won the first place after the competition for decorating the area.

            My training period easily come to its end. As the expected end-date drew closer, I came to reminisce my remarkable moments I shaped  and formed there. I realized that every effort, time and hard work I exhibited were all valuable. Im happy that I gave my best during the internship period and that’s single idea I think is simple enough to say that my journey became a nice, exciting and great one. Trully, experience really gave you the absolute satisfaction after achieving it knowing you performed well to execute every duty/task succesfully. 

Where my heart belongs

The Logo
"Walang madali rito, lahat pinaghihirapan.”

Among those remarkable phrases I noted during my internship in Front Row, this line is definitely the most unforgettable. It’s simply because those words were proven as I witnessed how the people of GMA News and Public Affairs work. From Production Assistant, Researcher, Segment Producer, Executive Producer and among others, none of them perform their task easily. No doubt, GMA News is keeping its promise to produce programs that will give the public a true service.

Outside the GMA News and Public Affairs' Office.
Since we are not allowed to go outside GMA’s vicinity, our tasks revolve around our program’s cubicle. Basic office works were always on the list, like printing, photocopying and encoding. The hardest task I can consider is to search and propose topic/s for Front Row. Topics might be found everywhere but looking stories for an award-winning documentary program is not as easy as searching in google. It’s not just in one click because before you can come up with an approved topic, countless Hello’s are needed.

With PA's, Sir Adrian Manaois and Ma'am Ellen Lagat

Searching, calling, asking and hoping, these were the stages I encountered every time I’m proposing topic/s. In looking for possible topics, several factors should be considered. Like the basics in news, the 5W’s and 1H can also be used. What are your topics? Which of these topics are likely to be considered? When and where it happened, happens or will happen? Most importantly, Why does your topic should be chose and How your story will go? All of these questions were flashing in my mind every time I’m searching for possible topic/s. After choosing a topic, contact details are needed. The information can be used for possible case study/ies. During phone call, pre-interview was done. I need to raise the questions that possibly will ask during the actual interview in the shooting for the story. After that, if I was able to find possible case study, this will be proposed and all I can do is to hope that the executive producer will approve the topic. During the process of coming up with a topic, I talked and communicated to various kind of people, and through that way, my interpersonal communication was developed and my self-confidence was somehow boost. It’s hard to please everybody and every time I speak, I must bring huge amount of patience. Despite all these concerns and matters, at the end of the day, the best feeling is when the people around you know how to appreciate the efforts that you gave and be able to have an approved topic is just a bonus
GMA Network
200 hours was not enough to tell that I’m ready to go in the real world, but my experience in GMA is already enough for me to prove that I made the right decision. When we asked to what show we want to be assigned and all my top choices like Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and I-Witness were picked by other interns, Front Row came into my senses. Why? I need to choose what I really love. I love documentaries and Front Row is not just a documentary show but an award-winning program. Also, the way the script of the show was done is quite the same to the way I write. In other words, the goal of Front Row was the same as my reason why I chose Journalism, to be the public’s instrument in letting them to witness the reality. 

-- Jessica B. Ayun

In Service..

“ At first it was a dream, and then I realized that I’m already stepping to its realm. ”

ABS-CBN Corporation. By the name itself, one may immediately think of a Well – RESPECTED Television Network, a company that had gone much productive years in serving Filipinos all over the globe, much more a station that had produced world-class entertainment, news and information programs that had spend years in airwaves and reach audiences not just in Philippines but globally.

Such words are so great that I’ve dreamt of having my Television internship in ABS-CBN. Not only an internship but also as my first working experience. And unexpectedly, I was assigned to its morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

At first, it seems suicidal to rise up so early in the morning (around 3 am to be exact) and perform your duties as intern. But for the sake of school requirement and my passion to do so, I became used to the early routine while at the same time being mentally and physically alert to run errands from the stuff.

It was here when I got a vivid picture of how a live show works. I’ve seen how staffs (being not visible in front of the cameras) are very essential to run the show. When being viewed in the television, hosts look organized and presentable. But behind the camera, staff and crews are cramming up so bad, preparing and organizing every details of their segment before the airing time. Through them, I’ve learned how to give your very best in your assigned work. Because in live shows, once the camera rolled on, what you presented will be as it is. No chances of turning back hence, there must be no room for errors. I’ve seen how each Segment Producers of the UKG show perseveres to produce qualitative and entertaining gaps for the viewers – starting from the conceptualizing, executing through gathering sources and contacts, up to the airing proper of their segment.

Learning does not just squeeze in the four corners of the room, because there’s a lot more outside. Likewise, my internship experience was filled with outdoor activities. I’ve reached various places and cover unique and interesting stories for the show. I’ve met different people and interact with them. Such experience allowed me to extend more my circle and absorb new learning to deal with.

During my first internship at a newspaper publication, works are concentrated in crafting and furnishing information before it was published. In other words, there may be a bit longer preparation to finish your work before the deadline. In television, I got the chance to see on-the-spot activities like editing scripts/spiels and gathering people for your segment.  So cramming as it is, but once you get done with your segment, there can be no other sweeter feeling than of relieve after.

And what constitutes more my internship experience to be so exciting is meeting some celebrities. I was lucky enough to interview the much-sought after teenage couple KathNiel ( Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla ), too bad I get too shy to have a picture with them. Anyway, the experience is so rare and I’m proud of it. Also, I got the chance to see SHOWTIME hosts and many more celebrities especially when they guests in our show.

With Julia Montes

With Vhong Navarro

With Bryan Termulo

With Coco Martin's KALOKA-LIKE

With Angel Locsin

Woahhh.. I can’t pick much word to describe more the experience. It’s so fulfilling and unforgettable that I even exceed in the number of hours required for internship. For now, I’m starting to composed myself – of preparing for application in this station. I must say that I’m still young and new to this world. There are a lot more lessons, more people to deal with, and more complications as I stepped in this realm of my chosen profession. It may have been four years of studying but it is truly different when you venture in the actual world of media and television – especially in news. But what I must be proud for now is my tough hold on the journalistic ethics taught by my professors and instilled by some media practitioners I’ve interact with. I can say that I’m an aspiring journalist void of wrong doings, pure of good intentions and guided with clear conscience in service of humanity. 


It’s nonetheless but a blessing…

These words are always running on my mind as I was seating for almost thirty minutes in the jeepney. Minutes of dust exposure and perhaps maximum decibels is experiencing by my ears during that time.

9’oclock in the morning is never an early time for a man striving for something-- this maybe the reason I used to see gentlemen in their longs sleeve while carrying attaché case looking afar and never been out of focus.  I was happy walking with those people; as if they were giving me lots of reason to move forward.

Only in my dreams to see those television personalities, to smile and make a nod, to exchange thoughts, and ride on an elevator with them, I never expect nor imagine that after a long thread of dreaming and praying, God will give me this wonderful opportunity.

News and Public Affairs Department has been my home for 28 days of training. Television personalities, regular employees, talents, actors and all GMA employees welcome us whole-heartedly. I can say that my entire stay is awesome!

But if there would be something I can call family during my training, of course this would be the Wish ko Lang family. Who definitely treat me so special, taught me different things in the industry, gave me several opportunities to enhance my potential and reach its maximum.

Wish Ko Lang family is nothing but a jolly team in the News and Public Affairs Department, despite of urgency in their job they never forget to throw jokes, greet each other and laugh as if it was a long day of relaxation. This attitude among them was adapted by me as they taught me to “be calm every time”.

Dedication in chosen profession is what they also engraved in me, burning passion to continue the race is the best mechanism on their job. This tends them never to give-up despite of the stress which been part of their job in the media industry.

I will never forget, the driving force of a researcher in continuing his job in Wish ko Lang, he said, “Masaya magtrabaho dito, nakikita mo ‘yung tuwa ng mga tao, marami kang mapapasaya”. I saw a spirit of empathy in him; his reason is not bounded on the matter of earning money but above all is the chance of serving people while in the duty.

From then on, my spirit was boost and search for more reason inside of me. I believed, it’s not only being touch of his statement but of being matured enough to know that the nature of mass media is not on money matters but more on service.

I never thought of this realization, from the beginning I’m just preparing myself on the difficult and stressful activities in the network, but it’s more than I got, it’s not about the knowledge nor learning or experience.

Other learning? Yes I have… I learned to handle different societal difficulty, I learned that all of these are given sympathy by the network but because of its countless numbers, they only tend to give chance to people with the most unfortunate situation.

Paper works, countless ex-change deals and production works has been the food of my core from the beginning of my training.  My skills of conversing with people I never know have been honed. Having an ex-change deal from Dakak beach resort for free resort accommodation for Wish Ko Lang episode made me float above the clouds.

My boss said, that I have done good job! But I believed it’s not about what I did, or what I had accomplished but more on how I improved. Improvements which are not solely based on skills but on the entire me; attitude towards work and to people around me.

Yes! It’s been a long tiring journey…. But all are worth it…. Priceless….
But better to state, it’s more of a blessing!

Ricca Joice D. Adrada

Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer Getaway!

Friday, March 23, 2012 0
It’s Bakasyon Season!!! 
The time that Manileños and all are definitely looking for place to satisfy long time thirst for fresh air.

Where the city lights would be unseen. . . 
Boundless paper works would be temporarily kept inside the drawer. . . 
And talking about endless stress would be enough this time, 
Because refreshments would only be the language to speak-on!
But it’s no qualm that most of the Bakasyonistas were tired of spending time in the common destinations they’re off every summer. What they want is new environment, new location to hang–on, and new venue to splurge picnic and bon fire activity. Undeniably, most of them were come to cross adventures and thrilling escapade. 
Well, you don’t have worries about . . .
Because the Province of Laguna is willing to catch you this summer. . .
Eagerly wanting to enchant you with the nature spark, which will definitely make this season an extraordinary.

This way to Laguna! 
Spending just 3 hours of trip from Manila, the sweetness of nature would be yours. If your location is Manila City, Quezon City, Pasig City, San Juan City, Mandaluyong City or part of Rizal, it would be easier for you to take the roller coaster ride; it is the way which definitely gives you a thrilling and exciting trip. 

Curious about it? Roller coaster ride is a highway, connecting Rizal and Laguna Province, it is fun to experience this road trip, most especially if you are a nature lover, because nature will reveal itself to you, as it is beside Sierra Madre Mountains. Certainly, you would be blinded by the vast green leafy surroundings, plus the limitless blowing of fresh breeze air that will suit you along the trip. 
A close shot of  SLEX

However, if you are living In Makati City, Taguig City, Paranaque City or any place near the South Luzon Express way, it’s about your chance to experience the smooth and stress free ride of SLEX. 

Panguil, Laguna. . . A New tourist Destination
Embraced by the Mountains of Sierra Madre, an awesome indulgence of nature . . .

The town of Panguil, one of Laguna’s prides due to its growing agricultural industry.
But aside from it, Panguil is now considered as one of the best spots in Calabarzon, as it is now a favorite destination of tourist, for mountain climbing and of course for swimming. . .
Well, it’s too long for introduction . . .
Enough for the mount watering description . . .
It’s about time to explore the hidden beauty of Panguil’s pride. . .
Nonetheless but. . .

The “ambon-ambon falls”
Ambon-ambon falls is considered as the heart of Panguil River Eco Park, like of other falls, it is also found in the farther portion of the Eco Park. And it takes 30 minutes of walking, climbing, and swimming to get there.Yes, efforts would be needed but as soon as you see it, there would be no other words, but “wow”.
Having been in a slightly long trip, perhaps it would be better to stay a little time in the Eco Park and gaze on the crystallized water coming from the mountain while having merienda or tanghalian in the floating gazebo.

And also, you can hang-on in the hanging bridge, a perfect place to take nature shots because you could see there the top view of the Eco Park.  

Adventure Starts here!
Family picture while trekking the Ambon-ambon
After lunch is a great time to start trekking to ambon-ambon, because despite of hot weather, the trees are there to give you shade. As it was mentioned, there are walking, climbing and swimming to get there.

But no worries, life guards are there to assist you, along the adventure. The Eco Park is also providing life jackets and helmet to secure safety.

Surely, nobody would be afraid. . .
And definitely, your digital cameras will never stop capturing while taking the steps.   

Photo while riding in a pagoda
There is also “pagoda” similar to boat, but it is made-up of bamboo, which is use to cross deep rivers. But to those who are expert in swimming, they are allowed to swim but of course wearing life jackets. 

It is extremely a different feeling to be in the place where the mountains, water and tiny organisms lived in.

It feels like you are in the late era, that only the nature would be the hiding place. The sound of birds and flowing rivers were the music in this place. The big stones covered with moss seems telling you “welcome to our paradise”.

Ambon-ambon falls in wide s
You will surely captivated by its beauty, notwithstanding the narrow paths to take and the long roads to step.

The moment you get in ambon-ambon, you will feel that there are really raindrops even it is not raining. Perhaps, why it was called like this.

Splendid in nature. . .
Overwhelming. . .
That everyone would dream to come back. . .

The water falls that offers a cure to anxiety and depression. Certainly, no joke!
While you were here, you would prove that “God is awesome”. Everything is planned according to perfection and to his magnificent grace.  

Camping Site
Escapade would not be completed without an overnight stay. Because night is the best time to chat and bond with friends and love ones, of course while eating grilled food and flaming a bon fire.

Too good to say, that Panguil River Eco Park is offering an overnight stay, you can bring your tent and all to feel the night with nature. It is an ideal camping site because trees and grass will comfort you during night time, and not to fret-on because the staffs of the said Eco Park are awake overnight to secure you.  

Enjoying summer with friends and love ones is wonderful, but it would be more wonderful to spend it in new destinations, because summer only happen once a year and there is no other fun and exciting to do but to discover!!!

Online Ink (Your Digestive Mind Site) offers you a summer trip @Panguil River Eco Park.
Visit and discover the breathtaking “Ambon-ambon falls”. . .
Photos by: google and Panguil, Laguna’s official facebook.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Hook with Simsimi: The Cutest Chat-Bot Craze!

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Question: Have you experienced going online with no friends available to chat with?

If you’ve answered YES, well, don’t ever again feel upset since today there is someone who will make the most of his time to chat with you. A friend that is so open-minded and responsive to all thoughts that you will share while making your heart laugh out loud. And it’s no other than SIMSIMI!

Simsimi, an app for Android and iPhone users, is taking the world by storm. Almost 2.7 million people are already using it, and that number is expected to grow over the next few months as word spreads about this innovative and entertaining app. Simsimi is a robot that has the ability to converse with users about a wide variety of topics. Simsimi also has the ability to learn from each and every user it converses with. It stores information from all of its conversations. So, when you text Simsimi about a certain topic, it is able to converse with you based on the information about that topic it’s acquired from conversations with other users.

Created in 2002 by the Korean tech company ISMaker, it uses artificial intelligence (or AI) to converse with human users.

A very detailed description of the Simsimi app is posted in
"SimSimi is a super advanced chatting robot that makes amusing conversation to engage with users," the blog reports. "Using this app is really simple. Just start a talk session at your touch screen then Simsimi will instantly greet you with a cheerful chat. Like those typical messaging apps, just send your message through a chatting box. Don't be surprised by Simsimi's fast response. It's a super-duper robot, you know!"

The blog goes on to describe how the artificial intelligence built into Simsimi also allows it to "learn" new information from users, which allows the app to be called as the "the cutest chatting robot ever," to evolve over time:

"Simsimi's vocabulary grows by your input. You can teach Simsimi your own words as other users teach their own ones too," the blog describes. "If Simsimi has no data to answer your former message, it will say 'I HAVE NO RESPONSE'. Then you might select the 'TEACH' tab and instruct it your own words in a paired form of 'request & response'. Once you teach Simsimi a pair of words, it will make a response with those words immediately (approx. 3 minutes)."

The Simsimi app for iPhone is often described as analogous to the conversation features that the Siri software on the iPhone 4s comes with, only unable to interact via a voice-recognition interface.

Though Simsimi can not do many of the things Siri is able to do--from fetching directions to setting an alarm--Jung-hoe Choi, the president of ISMaker, believes his Simsimi app is a superior conversationalist:

"Contrary to Simsimi, Siri of iPhone seems to show the answer made by programmers," the blog said.
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