Saturday, February 18, 2012

TABLETS on the go!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today’s age is undeniably conquered by the advent of technology. Most of the information people need is just one-click-away. Social networking sites make the communication easier. Google almost know everything, Facebook has gained a lot of friends, Twitter find out what’s in the person’s mind and Youtube record the most viewed videos and can make a person be an instant star. It became possible as internet now is somehow affordable and can actually be accessed free in some areas. 

All these things will be vain without the presence of the gadgets like computer, laptop and even cellphone. Now, technology again has new gadget to offer. Well, it is not in fact ‘new’ but ‘improved rather’. Let’s call it as TABLET.

Wikipedia defines Tablet as a mobile computer, larger than a mobile phone or personal digital assistant, integrated into a flat touch screen and primarily operated by touching the screen rather than using a physical keyboard. It often uses an onscreen virtual keyboard, a passive stylus pen, or a digital pen

Smaller, easier to carry and less hassle are the advantages of the tablet as compare to laptop. Possibly, this new gadget in town will become affordable in the Philippines and most of the Filipinos might just choose to acquire information through tablets. Like in India, prototype tablet computers such as the Aakash have been projected to cost $35 (more or less 2000 pesos) with subsidy. In connection with this, in America, internet access has been one of the citizens’ rights.

As they say, Philippines is a country that will always go with the flow when it comes to technology. Filipinos will always want to be ‘in’. Thus, are tablets can be compared to cellphones? Pagers and beepers were become unfamiliar as cellphones occupied all the shops because these what the people were looking for. If tablets will be patronized like how people treated cellphones, is there any possibility that print materials will be left aside? Are newspapers will die as people choose to read news through internet?

According to Mr. Howie Severino, a respected journalist and the Online Editor of, “Most but not all”.

Time might really come when people are reading news by clicking instead of flipping. No one can tell but anyone can assume. The thing is, we must be ready to adjust and be prepared for any changes that will happen.


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