Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer Getaway!

Friday, March 23, 2012
It’s Bakasyon Season!!! 
The time that Manileños and all are definitely looking for place to satisfy long time thirst for fresh air.

Where the city lights would be unseen. . . 
Boundless paper works would be temporarily kept inside the drawer. . . 
And talking about endless stress would be enough this time, 
Because refreshments would only be the language to speak-on!
But it’s no qualm that most of the Bakasyonistas were tired of spending time in the common destinations they’re off every summer. What they want is new environment, new location to hang–on, and new venue to splurge picnic and bon fire activity. Undeniably, most of them were come to cross adventures and thrilling escapade. 
Well, you don’t have worries about . . .
Because the Province of Laguna is willing to catch you this summer. . .
Eagerly wanting to enchant you with the nature spark, which will definitely make this season an extraordinary.

This way to Laguna! 
Spending just 3 hours of trip from Manila, the sweetness of nature would be yours. If your location is Manila City, Quezon City, Pasig City, San Juan City, Mandaluyong City or part of Rizal, it would be easier for you to take the roller coaster ride; it is the way which definitely gives you a thrilling and exciting trip. 

Curious about it? Roller coaster ride is a highway, connecting Rizal and Laguna Province, it is fun to experience this road trip, most especially if you are a nature lover, because nature will reveal itself to you, as it is beside Sierra Madre Mountains. Certainly, you would be blinded by the vast green leafy surroundings, plus the limitless blowing of fresh breeze air that will suit you along the trip. 
A close shot of  SLEX

However, if you are living In Makati City, Taguig City, Paranaque City or any place near the South Luzon Express way, it’s about your chance to experience the smooth and stress free ride of SLEX. 

Panguil, Laguna. . . A New tourist Destination
Embraced by the Mountains of Sierra Madre, an awesome indulgence of nature . . .

The town of Panguil, one of Laguna’s prides due to its growing agricultural industry.
But aside from it, Panguil is now considered as one of the best spots in Calabarzon, as it is now a favorite destination of tourist, for mountain climbing and of course for swimming. . .
Well, it’s too long for introduction . . .
Enough for the mount watering description . . .
It’s about time to explore the hidden beauty of Panguil’s pride. . .
Nonetheless but. . .

The “ambon-ambon falls”
Ambon-ambon falls is considered as the heart of Panguil River Eco Park, like of other falls, it is also found in the farther portion of the Eco Park. And it takes 30 minutes of walking, climbing, and swimming to get there.Yes, efforts would be needed but as soon as you see it, there would be no other words, but “wow”.
Having been in a slightly long trip, perhaps it would be better to stay a little time in the Eco Park and gaze on the crystallized water coming from the mountain while having merienda or tanghalian in the floating gazebo.

And also, you can hang-on in the hanging bridge, a perfect place to take nature shots because you could see there the top view of the Eco Park.  

Adventure Starts here!
Family picture while trekking the Ambon-ambon
After lunch is a great time to start trekking to ambon-ambon, because despite of hot weather, the trees are there to give you shade. As it was mentioned, there are walking, climbing and swimming to get there.

But no worries, life guards are there to assist you, along the adventure. The Eco Park is also providing life jackets and helmet to secure safety.

Surely, nobody would be afraid. . .
And definitely, your digital cameras will never stop capturing while taking the steps.   

Photo while riding in a pagoda
There is also “pagoda” similar to boat, but it is made-up of bamboo, which is use to cross deep rivers. But to those who are expert in swimming, they are allowed to swim but of course wearing life jackets. 

It is extremely a different feeling to be in the place where the mountains, water and tiny organisms lived in.

It feels like you are in the late era, that only the nature would be the hiding place. The sound of birds and flowing rivers were the music in this place. The big stones covered with moss seems telling you “welcome to our paradise”.

Ambon-ambon falls in wide s
You will surely captivated by its beauty, notwithstanding the narrow paths to take and the long roads to step.

The moment you get in ambon-ambon, you will feel that there are really raindrops even it is not raining. Perhaps, why it was called like this.

Splendid in nature. . .
Overwhelming. . .
That everyone would dream to come back. . .

The water falls that offers a cure to anxiety and depression. Certainly, no joke!
While you were here, you would prove that “God is awesome”. Everything is planned according to perfection and to his magnificent grace.  

Camping Site
Escapade would not be completed without an overnight stay. Because night is the best time to chat and bond with friends and love ones, of course while eating grilled food and flaming a bon fire.

Too good to say, that Panguil River Eco Park is offering an overnight stay, you can bring your tent and all to feel the night with nature. It is an ideal camping site because trees and grass will comfort you during night time, and not to fret-on because the staffs of the said Eco Park are awake overnight to secure you.  

Enjoying summer with friends and love ones is wonderful, but it would be more wonderful to spend it in new destinations, because summer only happen once a year and there is no other fun and exciting to do but to discover!!!

Online Ink (Your Digestive Mind Site) offers you a summer trip @Panguil River Eco Park.
Visit and discover the breathtaking “Ambon-ambon falls”. . .
Photos by: google and Panguil, Laguna’s official facebook.


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