Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All About BLOG (A Survey Regarding Blogging)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
To be acquainted with what other people’s thoughts and ideas regarding the skyrocketing level of blogging, a survey was conducted through a set of questionnaire.

The line of questions were generated to be also familiar if there are individuals who are still clueless regarding the matter.

Out of one-hundred respondents (100) female has taken seventy-four (74) total spot while the male filled up the twenty-six (26) spot.

Respondents who were in the age bracket of 10-15 was only one while the 16-20 garnered the most with ninety-five individuals and the last but not the least, the 1-25 bracket comprises of four respondents. All of the respondents are single and on their college level.

Research Questions
Ninety-three (93) respondents claimed that they were all familiar with blogging while only seven (7) candidly answered that they were not aware of it.

Through selecting notable definition of blogging by those who were familiar with it, listed below are some given descriptions that would clearly define what blog is:

- Blog is a way of expressing ideas and views through the internet.

- Blog is a place where you pour out your feelings, emotions or simply for documentation of your life

- A medium of modified social networking through an article-like interface.

- A website containing a diary/ journal about a particular subject.

- Blog is an online means of writing articles to get across to the online audiences/readers.

- Blog is an avenue where you can write anything under the sun.

- Blog is a medium to express one’s self

When asked if what blog site/social networking site that respondents found more applicable in using, the facebook gathered the total votes of seventy-eight (78) which is the highest followed by twitter with fifty (50) votes and on the third rank is the blogger with thirty – nine (39) votes chased by tumblr with thirty (30) votes and the word press who got eleven (11) votes showed that people were not much aware of using it.

When asked if what blog site / social networking site that respondents found more interesting to read, for the second time, facebook gained seventy-six (76) votes, followed again by twitter with forty-three (43) votes while blogger secured it’s third place with thirty-six (36) votes, tumblr with thirty-three (33) votes and word press with twenty-two (22) votes.

Under the classification on what age does respondents started to read blogs, the age bracket of 10-15 years of age filled the fifty-one (51) respondents while the age bracket of 16-20 was answered by forty-two (42) respondents.

Under the category on what age does respondents started to write blogs, the age bracket of 10-15 years of age garnered a total of twenty-eight (28) respondents while the age bracket of 16-20 hoarded fifty-two (52), and the last bracket, 21-25 accumulated only one (1) respondent.

Researchers were also asked if how often do they read blogs. The results showed that readers who were able to read blogs daily comprises of seventeen (17) respondents, while readers who were able to read blogs weekly has been filled up by forty-eight (48) respondents and readers who were able to read blogs has been occupied by sixteen (16) respondents.

Researchers were also asked if how often do they write blogs. The outcome revealed that bloggers who are able to post blogs online daily were seven (7) respondents, bloggers who were able to post blogs online were thirty-nine (39) and a total of twenty (20) respondents claimed that they can only post blogs on monthly basis.

When asked if blogging was really their interest, a total of forty-five (45) respondents affiemed that it was really entertaining while a total of fifty-five (55) respondents answered that it does not suit their interest.

Current events, personalities, food, animals and places were the given category for those who are interested and not much on blogging depending on what topic they were more inclined to.

For those people who found blogging an interesting one, according to them, current events with twenty-three (23) votes is the most interesting field they often discussed with followed by personalities with eighteen (18) votes. However, the places category covered the third place with fifteen (15) votes and on the fourth rank, the food gathered eight (8) votes and on the last rank, animals garnered only one (1) vote.

However, those people who do not found blogging an interesting and exciting one were also asked if what particular topic they were interested. The result exhibited that for the second time around, the current events section covered a total of twenty –nine (29) votes, followed by food on the second rank with twenty one (21) votes, on the third place was the personalities with seventeen (17) votes, the fourth place, which is places with fourteen (14) votes and the animals with a total of five (5) votes.

The respondents were also requested to tell if what tempted them to blog. And some of the valuable answers were as follows:

Passion / trend
Crucial topics
Peers / professor
Religious belief
Brings the artistic side
Share experiences
Inside thoughts / free will

When asked if what blog site they prefer the most, the abundantly designed or simple, most of the respondents affirmed that simple blogs are more appropriate and convenient to use compared to elegantly designed blog site.

And lastly, the survey questionnaire showed that some of the respondents considered blogging as a career because you can gain profit from it and it is another way / means of earning money.


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