Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pasig City: Say NO to plastic!

Sunday, March 11, 2012
20 years before a single plastic can totally be dissolved. Imagine, when all the plastics we consumed will be vanished? Every day, people used plastic and each day, it will just add to the number of plastics needed to be gone. Consequently, plastics will never be disappeared or at least lessen if we will not find a way on how we will minimize the use of these anti-environment materials.

Burning is not the solution
Well, there’s one way on how these plastics will be melted – through burning. Ooopss! It’s a no, no to put all the plastics together and put some fire to solve our problem in these plastics. There is what we called global warming (the reason why we are experiencing today an abnormal condition in climate) and one of its causes is the burning of some materials including plastics.

PasiGreen City
September 26, 2009.
The day when the normal Saturday of Pasigueños became unforgettable and miserable as the typhoon Ondoy attacked the city. Many of the barangays were ruined because of the unexpected flood brought by the continuous rainfall of the typhoon.

January 4, 2012.
In the National Book store, Ever Ortigas, Pasig City, a customer asked the cashier if she can put all the things she brought in a plastic and the cashier replied, “Maam, simula pa po nung January 1 ngayong taon iniiwasan na pong gumamit ng plastic dito sa atin. May memo po na binigay at city ordinance po yan na ‘wag ng gumamit ng plastic.”

According to some vendors in the city, the first offense for those who will be caught in using plastic is a fine of 500 pesos. To avoid this, they use brown packaging or newspapers for their goods.

Today, Pasig is not totally a plastic-free city because there are some products that still need to put in plastic like meat, fish, oil, rice, etc.

To the consumers, it is advisable to bring bags as you go in the market like the pictures below:

It is a good start for Pasig City as it welcomed the year of the water dragon with a pro-environment campaign. In using and carrying goods through brown packs is obviously hassle but the main thing is we are starting to show our concern in the environment.


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