Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anton Diaz: A Man who deserves a clap

Saturday, March 17, 2012
A simple, but with elegant sense of dreaming. . . 
The mind of passion. . . 
A man who deserves a clap. . .  
Ladies and gentlemen. . . 


“The moment you said you’re successful, parang that’s the end, ibig sabihin hindi ka na mag-iinovate”.
Encountering these words from a man, whom not yet consider his standing a success is more than of listening in a three hours lecture, more than of learning theories and formulas. Truly, it was inexplicable sense of fulfillment to exchange words with a man composed of ardor enthusiasm.

It was 1:30 in the morning, Thursday, March 15, when our team got the chance to interview Mr. Anton Diaz, though almost everyone is comfortably lying in their bed at this time; Anton is still spending his time in his food business. Perhaps, 24 hours would never be enough to accomplish his entire task.

Aren’t we so lucky to have his time?

Anton Diaz is one of the pioneer bloggers in the Philippines; in 2005 he started “Our Awesome Planet”, a respected food and travel blog in the Philippines with over 15 thousand hits per day, 31 thousand followers and 7 thousand readers. Having an advocacy of promoting Philippine tourism through “Food and Travel Secrets in the Philippines” and inspiring Filipinos and realize that living in the Philippines is truly awesome!

Right after college, Anton worked as a Chief Information Officer of the Procter and Gamble for 13 years, before becoming a full time online entrepreneur. 

“Ang interest ko talaga is kumain, we like to eat, we like to travel, so blogging is just a documentary of travel and adventure”, revealed by him,  which truly proved that every successful man only followed what of their heart desired. 

“Kailangan totoo ka, so kung gustong-gusto mo ang isang bagay, gusto mo, kung ayaw mo, ayaw mo”. Pertaining to his one secret “the authenticity”. For Anton, blogging is just a lifestyle, not an additional effort, which perhaps the best weapon to find success, like of him, who found it through pursuing what he really love.

Because of his fearless start in the world of online, Anton also had an opportunity to make his interest into a tangible business. Recently, he is a co-founder of “Mercato Centrale” found at Bonifacio Global City, which considered as a favorite food stop and week end market. And soon will have another branch in Alabang to be called “Soderno”.

Anton, now one of the Philippines leading internet marketing gurus and entrepreneur was recognized as a Go Negosyo’s Inspiring Young Filipino Entrepreneur in 2010 and last year, he was featured in Go Negosyo’s 7th book “Go Negosyo’s 50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs”.

It is definitely a long road for like Anton Diaz, for a man who is just enjoying what he is doing and not thinking of being on the top. “Kapag naisip mo na successful ka na, kapag lumaki na yung  ulo mo, that’s the beginning of your downfall”. Anton never stops dreaming, as to him “It’s like you’re discovering food and you like to eat”.

For seven minutes of interview, it seems that we want to absorb all things about him. His thought, ideologies, and most especially his ultimately different kind of passion. A heart, that is burning with blue fire to discover and to innovate.

He’s a man of success, a family man and a man of patriotism, sees in his compassionate thoughts, “so success for me is like people say that, my three boys would be the role model of our society and would contribute to it, that’s success for me”. 


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