Thursday, March 14, 2013


Thursday, March 14, 2013

It’s nonetheless but a blessing…

These words are always running on my mind as I was seating for almost thirty minutes in the jeepney. Minutes of dust exposure and perhaps maximum decibels is experiencing by my ears during that time.

9’oclock in the morning is never an early time for a man striving for something-- this maybe the reason I used to see gentlemen in their longs sleeve while carrying attaché case looking afar and never been out of focus.  I was happy walking with those people; as if they were giving me lots of reason to move forward.

Only in my dreams to see those television personalities, to smile and make a nod, to exchange thoughts, and ride on an elevator with them, I never expect nor imagine that after a long thread of dreaming and praying, God will give me this wonderful opportunity.

News and Public Affairs Department has been my home for 28 days of training. Television personalities, regular employees, talents, actors and all GMA employees welcome us whole-heartedly. I can say that my entire stay is awesome!

But if there would be something I can call family during my training, of course this would be the Wish ko Lang family. Who definitely treat me so special, taught me different things in the industry, gave me several opportunities to enhance my potential and reach its maximum.

Wish Ko Lang family is nothing but a jolly team in the News and Public Affairs Department, despite of urgency in their job they never forget to throw jokes, greet each other and laugh as if it was a long day of relaxation. This attitude among them was adapted by me as they taught me to “be calm every time”.

Dedication in chosen profession is what they also engraved in me, burning passion to continue the race is the best mechanism on their job. This tends them never to give-up despite of the stress which been part of their job in the media industry.

I will never forget, the driving force of a researcher in continuing his job in Wish ko Lang, he said, “Masaya magtrabaho dito, nakikita mo ‘yung tuwa ng mga tao, marami kang mapapasaya”. I saw a spirit of empathy in him; his reason is not bounded on the matter of earning money but above all is the chance of serving people while in the duty.

From then on, my spirit was boost and search for more reason inside of me. I believed, it’s not only being touch of his statement but of being matured enough to know that the nature of mass media is not on money matters but more on service.

I never thought of this realization, from the beginning I’m just preparing myself on the difficult and stressful activities in the network, but it’s more than I got, it’s not about the knowledge nor learning or experience.

Other learning? Yes I have… I learned to handle different societal difficulty, I learned that all of these are given sympathy by the network but because of its countless numbers, they only tend to give chance to people with the most unfortunate situation.

Paper works, countless ex-change deals and production works has been the food of my core from the beginning of my training.  My skills of conversing with people I never know have been honed. Having an ex-change deal from Dakak beach resort for free resort accommodation for Wish Ko Lang episode made me float above the clouds.

My boss said, that I have done good job! But I believed it’s not about what I did, or what I had accomplished but more on how I improved. Improvements which are not solely based on skills but on the entire me; attitude towards work and to people around me.

Yes! It’s been a long tiring journey…. But all are worth it…. Priceless….
But better to state, it’s more of a blessing!

Ricca Joice D. Adrada


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