Monday, January 16, 2012

“SULOG” – Youth Service for Sto. Niño continues to flow

Monday, January 16, 2012
Filipinos are controlled
Philippines is surmounted by powerful countries like Japan and Spain. After long years, it cannot be denied that these countries left some part of their shadows in the country.
“Christianism” , one of the greatest bequests which the Spaniards brought for the Filipinos.

Sto. Niño came
Ferdinand Magellan arrived and laid the cross on the shores of Cebu, signifying a territory for Spain. Magellan represented the image of the child Jesus, the Sto. Niño, as baptismal gift to Hara Amihan, wife of Rajah Humabo. Hara Amihan was later named, Queen Juana in honor of Juana, mother of Carlos I. Along with the rulers of the island, some 800 natives were also baptized to the Roman Catholic Church. At the moment of receiving the holy image, it was said that Queen Juana danced with joy bearing this image of the child Jesus. 

The Sto. Niño
Water Movement
This event has been transmitted through generation. That’s why, as the year of the Water Dragon enters, its first month celebrated a water-related event, the Sinulog Festival. The word Sinulog believed to comes from the Cebuano adverb ‘sulog’ which means “like water current movement”. It can be clearly seen through the dance steps performed during the celebration.

Act as a Child
Sto. Niño, as a symbol of Jesus as a child. Sinulog Festival is not just for having fun but most important is to remember how to be like a Sto. Niño. Everyone should act as a child – a child who is afraid to tell lies, a child who is easy to forgive his enemy and a child who only knows to do is the ‘right thing’.

Volunteers carry the statue in the parade in Pasig City
A proud man, as he praises Jesus as a child. 
As sun gets hotter, volunteers strive harder
In simple way, this group of red men participates  in the parade in Pasig City

Children are not only be called ‘models’ as Catholic community celebrates Sinulog Festival.
Image of youth today seems to be captioned as ‘kunsimisyon ng lipunan’ and ‘isa sa mga sakit ng lipunan’. Auspiciously, there are still youth nowadays who chose to served for the church.
Spending some time in Jesus’ home instead in bars and malls, and spreading God’s words instead of uttering useless phrases,  - the spirit of Youth Sevice.
Like the 'sulog' word conveys, this service of young people may continue to surge and encourage others to serve Jesus.

Youth leads the parade as part of the celebration for Sinulog Festival


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