Saturday, January 21, 2012

“It’s Fun in the Philippines – It‘s More fun to be a Filipino”

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The new tagline of the Department of Tourism has launched by Secretary Mon Jimenez. Tagline had received several comments and reactions on the different social networking sites. – Detailing all bad sides, but generally not given any of its good.

But notwithstanding all bad comments and reactions, the new tagline has an extra impact, because it does not only focuses on the beauty of Pinas but mostly features the uniqueness of Filipino living.

“It’s more fun in the Philippines” has various insights that can truly invite foreigners to visit the Philippines.

Of course, its inhabitants.
The Pinoy per se, the living style of the Filipino that guaranteed as unique as compared to all other races.

Talking about these does not only implies Filipino owned delicacies, their beliefs and even festivities.

Simpler, and meeker thought . . . are their characters!
That has been adored by many. . .

Pinoys are. . .
Calamities and undesirable circumstances do not hinder their “smiling face”. Because of their strong fighting spirit, they can easily move on to all sufferings and even deaths.
Which can be seen during the times of unwanted situations. Through donations and gift of heart, the spirit of Bayanihan once again lives.
 Family centered.
The tradition of not living the house of parents can be visualized in this generation. Which is in contrast with what the other races do, the home for the aged is crowded and do not even has space for the others.
 God fearing.

Tagged as the only Christian Nation, the Filipinos have actually grown religious. Their different forms of worship and devotions to God have truly marked the history of religion all around the world.
 Good Samaritan.

Photos courtesy of  Google 

Pinoys can actually sacrifice even their most precious time and thing for the sake of fellow men. Their blood is willingly poured without any sense of doubt.

These primary, the essence of the new tagline of the Department of Tourism because, truly, Pinoys have lots of things to offer. Not only in its priceless sceneries, unique delicacies and products but most of all, is the characters that urge the other races to visit the Philippines.

They are free to laugh, to smile and to express their happiness in the sanctuary called the "Philippines"
The Nation comprises of 7, 107 islands featuring diversities of animals, plants and all living resources.
The planet of exceptional beauty.
The place of the wonder that everyone dreams to go!

Certainly. . .
“It’s More Fun in the Philippines”


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