Sunday, January 22, 2012

“Experience the Antic Ride @metro”

Sunday, January 22, 2012
In connection with the new slogan of the Department of Tourism, the Online Ink would like to treat you on the different places in Metro, Manila that would surely made you feel happy. . .

Through articles, photos and video, you could think of getting at the places and enjoy the fun in the Philippines.

Some of the places being featured are commonly seen in television but as you go further of browsing it, you would realize its value that a real Blooded Filipino and even those of other races would be interested to have an experience in these places.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us have a glimpse on the pride of the metropolis. . . .
Seat back and relax. .  . As the “Your Digestive Mind Site” tours you to the world of fun!

“Observe, Discover, Learn @manilaZoo

This year, is the 53rd anniversary of Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, the pioneering Zoo in Asia, which became a popular land mark in the Philippines. It has a land area of 5.5 hectares and currently inhibiting 500 animals. There are about 106 animal species; 30 of which are kinds of mammals, 63 are reptiles and 13 types of birds.

Manila Zoo is visited by approximately 2 million people annually. Mostly are students from provinces having their field trips and educational tours, for more than 5 decades, it serves as an educational center in the country.

Filipinos and tourist became so much aware of the Philippines fauna, because here, visitors were allow to reach the non-wild animals to interact with them (feed and play). Also it has varieties of our native flora which are planted along the paths of Manila Zoo.

Through government and NGO’s programs, Manila zoo has been under renovations. Part of it, are roads and animal’s shelters. At the same time, Manila zoo administration also opened new attraction for the kids, it’s called “kinder zoo” (animals from other countries can be seen here) featuring; Butterfly Dome, Exotic Bird Aviary, Koi Pond, Philippine Mouse Dear House, Petting zoo, Turtle Pond, Party Barn, Playground, Hanging Bridge, and Flamingo Pond.

However, those animals aged in the zoo that gave smile to visitors for several years were now replaced. Hence, it is part of proper treatment for animals.

Despite of the development, Manila zoo is still remained affordable. Admission fees are; P40.00 for adult and children 4ft above, while children below 4ft and who are Manila residents are only ask to pay P20.00 by just providing identification card. And P100.00 for the entrance fee in kinder Zoo but children below 2 years old has free entrance.

Fauna of Manila Zoo

The Unfold history @rizalPark
Amidst the city spark and extravagance, plagued the historical land mark of the Philippines. The place where Rizal took his last breath dated 1896, and a place where every Filipino suppose to visit. In the old age, it was called “Bagumbayan” pronouncing thoughts of history and trials of this nation. But as it was called Rizal Park, all new has been conveyed in this place.

A wide area of Luneta is nowadays a place for joggers and tai-chi practitioners. The comfortable field and sceneries invites them to gather every morning. Luneta as everyone’s know has lots of mesmerizing spots, most especially at night, the “Dancing Fountain” which varies colors and movement will annoy you to take a shot here.

However, traditional way of enjoying the place where still rampant, for many years, Luneta had witness different love stories. And still, this place is the favorite spot of the lovers. This is also good for picnic venue, family gatherings and even for lot any activities that needed a wide place.

As development arises, Luneta Park also became part of it. To promote the Philippines’ Tourism, all areas of history and fun were being subjected to quite changes. Due to that, Luneta has varieties of features now. Some of those are; orchidarium, Chinese garden, planetarium, dozens of fountains, an amphitheatre, and children’s play ground and skating rink. But despite of it, history of Luneta is still unfolded.

Historical Landmark

An Escapade @starCity
For every ride, there is fun and excitement”
Need not to escape within Metro to experience the thrilling adventure of a theme park, because, the city premises it for you!

For just an hour and a half, form Manila, City you could easily locate “Star City” the country’s cheapest theme park featuring; kiddie rides, exciting adventures for adults, walk-in attractions, fast food chains and bazaars.

Since 1991, when it was fully established, Star City has nothing but to create happiness among its customers. Perhaps, the reason why students from near provinces chose star city, every time they were having field trips and excursions. That also came to the existence of new adventures and rides. Hence, the administration guarded the safety and protection of all visitors most especially children.

The theme park has lots of rides to enjoy, for kids; Junior Bump Car, Magic Tea Cup, and fire slide awaits here. On the other hand, adults can also find here thrilling rides like; Surf Dance, Star flyer and Wild River. Other attraction for adults are; Super Viking, Zyklon Loop and Adult Bumper Boat. And for those who just want to relax, Star City made it extra especial for you, featuring the walk-in attractions like; Snow World, Peter Pan and Land of the Giants. Also, Star City caters fast food chain like Jolibee and Goto King. Additionally, you could also shop here, for souvenirs, foot wear and apparels.
Going here will not cost too much, for those who just want to enter the theme park, P60.00 would be enough, meanwhile, P200.00 for those who want to try four different rides and for P250.00, you can experience “ride-all-you-can.”

 Exciting rides of Star City

Manuel Quezon’s Legacy @QCCircle
For several times my friends and I gone to Quezon City Circle for school requirements, my mind can actually visualize the different features of it.

The monument being lighted as soon as the night came, the 
wide area intended for jogging, biking, selling foods and native stuffs, the fountain which can captivate breath, as it varies color and form, the “Hardin ng Bulaklak” which our group took some videos and scenes, the “World Peace bell” surrounded by flags of different nations, the amusement parks for kids and the most important is the “Museum of President Manuel Quezon.”

Perhaps, this doesn’t in-need of long explanation why this place is dedicated to Quezon, as all been aware of his legacy.

Having a tour in this place will not only amaze you by the ambience it has like of the province. Every step in this place will actually reminisce the ideologies of Quezon way back his time. Especially, when you visit the museum and his memorial place, a very warm experience with catches you, just like having a journey in the past.

All his belongings can be seen, pictures from the beginning of his political career and of his last days on earth.  And for those who wanted an extra inspiration, his thoughts being a nationalistic are posted on the wall of the museum.

Views of Quezon City Circle

Somehow, you can say that our forefathers have really royal blood, because memorabilia speaks about it. Here, you can find the ruins of history that could create an affectionate feeling of being a Filipino.

Discovering the Philippines is not only about visiting hidden beauty of province, because in the city. . .
History, Learning and Fun can also catch by everyone . . .
Like of the new slogan “It’s more Fun in the Philippines”
Because in Pinas, fun will chase you anywhere! 

Note: Photos are owned by Google; Photos seen in the video are property of the administrators.


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