Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photoshop and Surgically Enhanced Photos - A Magazine Cover Model Toughest Foe

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
There was again a pandemonium going on in the internet world that clamors seemingly fabricated photos of two women as magazine cover models.

The new year may not be a good welcomed to Charice Pempengco and Jinkee Pacquiao after their out leashed cover photos for the Preview and Mega magazine respectively, earned a bunch of criticisms and controversies.

Charice who post for the Preview Magazine’s January 2012 issue were again bombarded with criticism. Apparently, the outcome is a highly surgically enhanced Charice that goes beyond the natural. Below is the controversial cover photo of Charice for the Preview.

Months ago, Charice had also received Belo’s botox treatment that was aired publicly. The video is then viewed worldwide and had gained a mix praise and hate comments.

“Kelan ba ako naging maganda sa haters, wala naman diba?” a one liner reaction of Charice in an interview about the issue.

Meanwhile, Boxing  Champ’s wife Jinkee Pacquaio who was hailed as the model cover of the Mega magazine this month faces another tougher foe about the pictorial result. Lots of rumors are bubbling around that the photo was heavily edited.

Jinkee had recently broken of the silence stressing that she prepared well for the pictorial to look slimmer contrary to the ongoing Photoshop claim.

"Payat siguro, oo. Payat ako tignan doon. Maganda kasi ang pagka... 'yung pictorial namin maganda ang pagkakagawa. Tsaka 'yung mga staff din, magaling sila," she told in an interview with the ABS-CBN News.

"So sila na lang magsasabi... parang tignan na lang nila ako in person”, challenged Pacquiao to her critics.

The Mega magazine had also their statement that Jinkee’s photo went through the standard cleanup process that all Mega magazine covers go through. They added that the result is a collaboration of an excellent work of the fashion editor, photographer, photograph editor, makeup artist and hair stylist.

Here’s the rumored and controversial photo of Jinkee Pacquiao that you’ve heard so much about. 

 Jinkee Pacquaio on Mega January 2012 issue and Maxim March 2009 issue
Now, it’s up to you to rate the photos shown whether edited or just a bit?

Speaking of Photoshop, we’re not experts but we’ve found one that fits so perfectly for this tag. Here’s a photo of Aling Dionisia on her own FHM cover. 

With lots of photo editing software’s we have nowadays, everyone can have a hand on these lasso tools and other reducing tools. No one can be considered as a perfect cover model especially for magazines. All have a flaw that’s why there’s a need to some sort of adjustments. The cover is the first thing seen and judged in a magazine and anyone who’s in it represents the magazine itself. The design and cover model selection up to the layout presentation goes through a lot of process which every magazine staffs takes an extremely careful and delicate approach in order to achieved their desired output. 


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