Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Service..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

“ At first it was a dream, and then I realized that I’m already stepping to its realm. ”

ABS-CBN Corporation. By the name itself, one may immediately think of a Well – RESPECTED Television Network, a company that had gone much productive years in serving Filipinos all over the globe, much more a station that had produced world-class entertainment, news and information programs that had spend years in airwaves and reach audiences not just in Philippines but globally.

Such words are so great that I’ve dreamt of having my Television internship in ABS-CBN. Not only an internship but also as my first working experience. And unexpectedly, I was assigned to its morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

At first, it seems suicidal to rise up so early in the morning (around 3 am to be exact) and perform your duties as intern. But for the sake of school requirement and my passion to do so, I became used to the early routine while at the same time being mentally and physically alert to run errands from the stuff.

It was here when I got a vivid picture of how a live show works. I’ve seen how staffs (being not visible in front of the cameras) are very essential to run the show. When being viewed in the television, hosts look organized and presentable. But behind the camera, staff and crews are cramming up so bad, preparing and organizing every details of their segment before the airing time. Through them, I’ve learned how to give your very best in your assigned work. Because in live shows, once the camera rolled on, what you presented will be as it is. No chances of turning back hence, there must be no room for errors. I’ve seen how each Segment Producers of the UKG show perseveres to produce qualitative and entertaining gaps for the viewers – starting from the conceptualizing, executing through gathering sources and contacts, up to the airing proper of their segment.

Learning does not just squeeze in the four corners of the room, because there’s a lot more outside. Likewise, my internship experience was filled with outdoor activities. I’ve reached various places and cover unique and interesting stories for the show. I’ve met different people and interact with them. Such experience allowed me to extend more my circle and absorb new learning to deal with.

During my first internship at a newspaper publication, works are concentrated in crafting and furnishing information before it was published. In other words, there may be a bit longer preparation to finish your work before the deadline. In television, I got the chance to see on-the-spot activities like editing scripts/spiels and gathering people for your segment.  So cramming as it is, but once you get done with your segment, there can be no other sweeter feeling than of relieve after.

And what constitutes more my internship experience to be so exciting is meeting some celebrities. I was lucky enough to interview the much-sought after teenage couple KathNiel ( Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla ), too bad I get too shy to have a picture with them. Anyway, the experience is so rare and I’m proud of it. Also, I got the chance to see SHOWTIME hosts and many more celebrities especially when they guests in our show.

With Julia Montes

With Vhong Navarro

With Bryan Termulo

With Coco Martin's KALOKA-LIKE

With Angel Locsin

Woahhh.. I can’t pick much word to describe more the experience. It’s so fulfilling and unforgettable that I even exceed in the number of hours required for internship. For now, I’m starting to composed myself – of preparing for application in this station. I must say that I’m still young and new to this world. There are a lot more lessons, more people to deal with, and more complications as I stepped in this realm of my chosen profession. It may have been four years of studying but it is truly different when you venture in the actual world of media and television – especially in news. But what I must be proud for now is my tough hold on the journalistic ethics taught by my professors and instilled by some media practitioners I’ve interact with. I can say that I’m an aspiring journalist void of wrong doings, pure of good intentions and guided with clear conscience in service of humanity. 


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