Thursday, March 14, 2013

Extraordinary Learning from Uncomparable Training

Thursday, March 14, 2013

After almost an hour, I found myself standing nervously inside the huge building with the envelope seizing tightly in my side . The vast lobby was filled with people coming in and out of the building (you can easily notice that some were middle and upper class). It was simply decorated with well-designed decorations and stuffs,  devised with state-of –the-art facilities and engineered by innovative and modern technologies. I almost forgot what really is my busimess there so I remind myself. Yes. Im here to pass my requirements needed to accomplish and complete my 200 hr training.

            Funny, yes, but actually that’s the real scenario when I first set my foot on the colossal building of Eugenio Lopez Junior building or better known as ELJ Communications Center/ABS-CBN. Its not a question for me on how great that company is, so I really felt terrified with the idea that I will spend my time for training there. But I have to go on and perform well my duties and do everything what my supervisor will ask me to do with the best of my effort because there is no turning back.

            I was assigned in the Marketing-Events department of Creative Programs Inc (CPI) which ofcourse deals with the events that the program is holding. Myx, Cinema One, Balls, TVn, Hero, Lifestyle, Velvet, ANC, DZMM and FOX are some of the channels manage by the department.

            My first week seemed to be busy because there was an event for Metro magazine. It was a fashion show event held at Shangri-la hotel. It was fun, exciting and really,  an extravagant experience. Call time was 6 am which I understood after seeing the loot bags and various products given by awesome and generous endorsers. The team needed to atleast pack 700 loot bags with the products inside it to be given to the guests. Its quite a strenuous task given that we were outnumbered in the group. Thanks to my co-intern Venus and helpers Kuya Lenard, Rogelio and  Rian, we made it earlier before the expected time.

            The second event was the Cinema One Originals judging and awards night which took one whole week. During the awards night ,(which was held at Dolphy theater)  we felt terribly awesome yet poignant because different artist and directors surrounded the area but the sad point is…we cant have our photo taken there because we might got punish or scold because we are not supposed to act like that. We were in the time of work and our supervisor was also there so we just kept it in ourselves.

            The next stimulating and time-consumning event was Myx Mo. Actually its tough because we really needed to work well and fast as we can, double our time and needed to extend our time in the office.
But that hardships worth it all after receiving our bonus of free 20 tickets which  I have given to my friends and classmates.

            During the month of December, the whole department got busy for the christmas presentations and decorations. Fortunately, our department had won the first place after the competition for decorating the area.

            My training period easily come to its end. As the expected end-date drew closer, I came to reminisce my remarkable moments I shaped  and formed there. I realized that every effort, time and hard work I exhibited were all valuable. Im happy that I gave my best during the internship period and that’s single idea I think is simple enough to say that my journey became a nice, exciting and great one. Trully, experience really gave you the absolute satisfaction after achieving it knowing you performed well to execute every duty/task succesfully. 


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