Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the Season of Polaris Star!

Friday, December 16, 2011
Cold breeze with ever soothing smell of pine tree fills the air. The poinsettia flowers were again tinted with blood-like ink. Houses and villages were vibrantly designed with lanterns and colorful lights, were melodic carolers awaken house owners with their voices, perfectly tuned with hand made instruments. And the traditional “bibingka and puto bung-bong” satisfies everyone after the most awaited “Misa de Galeo”.

It’s about the season of giving, the outshinning of the Polaris, which smybolizes the near call for festivity. Parties and reunions will again be the topic anywhere. Exchanging gifts traditonally called “monito-monita” highlighted parties from schools, houses to work place. Certainly, “shopping galore” will be the toppest term. And of course the Christmas bonus! which nowadays define “noche buena”.         

12’oclock of December 25, is a sweet moment for family gathering. Fruits, desserts, pastries, pasta and like others will be shared as everyone’s eye opened off prayers. Laughter and greeting of love will add-up to more wonderful celebration, that surely an enough reason to abscond past sentiments.

Noticeably, Christmas spirit never fades; it can unite, teach to forgive and forget and most of all   bestows a living hope. Despite other occasions seem an ordinary, Christmas still creates the most memorable experience a person could have, perhaps no one can state why, but significantlly its value that moves and appreciates its essence. The power of Christmas will never be shaken, as it was called the birth of “Emmanuel”.

“Christmas Obsession”
What thing on earth that people cannot ever dare to miss as Christmas approaches?                                               
For clues; lots of people are being crazy rushing on it!
Month of December, for sure everyone had experienced it!
All are opt to be thrilled and excited about this kind of “mania”. 
The clues clearly revealed its subject, nonetheless SHOPPING.

Talking about shopping, the spot where you want to fulfill it truly matters. There are unique and various kinds of shopping centers, plazas, and market here in the Philippines nowadays. That everyone can visit according to one’s lifestyle.

Common to all Manileños and Manileñas, there goes the “Divisoria” being tagged as the mother of all markets suited for all types of people but commonly to those who has only an enough budget like the masses.

The “Greenhills Shopping Center” for the middle class. But wanting to suit yourself with better environment, department stores namely; Robinsons and SM Shopping Centers and lots more will suits you.

99.9% Christmas Treats at Commonwealth Market
“A Place where you couldn’t ask for more”

Who could ever denied, the cheapest and the closest to the heart of the shopping masses is now on the “New Horizon of the South?”A little divisoria of Quezon City—Tiangge at Commonwealt Market.

It is one of the most notably area common for the average people, located with in the vicinity of Quezon City. Due to its very affordable products, varieties from approximately 45 stalls. No one can ever question off why people choose to huddle in this place.

Notwithstanding the burning heat and the bumper to bumper scenario as walking along the way in searching for prefered items. But feeling of being drained and effort worth it all. Because what shoppers needed have it here.

“Fashionista’s Corner”
From top to bottom, tiangges here in Commonwealth  market had lots of them for you!

For grown ups, try some dresses here for girls! You could purchased an affordable dress that suits you.

For boys, try  some polo and kamiseta, only 270-300 pesos , you could pair it up with slacks, only 130-190 pesos or maong pants for only 200-250 pesos.

If you are  looking for outdoor clothes but those who have  a touch of formality, try the vintage style of Taylor Swift!
For only 170-230 pesos, you could afford vintage clothes that fits with jeans or leggings.

Not ony that,  there are also lots of stuffs here for children!
For only 140-150 pesos, you could buy these cute dresses for girls and mini polo and pants that cost 200-250 pesos for every pair.

Well, if your child is an avid fan of  Angry Birds, lots of them had also invaded the children’s corner here.

“Wrapped and Ribboned”

There are a lot of  choices here for your gifts.

For children, tiangges here bound with toys. For only 50 pesos you could afford various toys. Angry Birds stuffs are also available here. There are other lots of choices here, from jewelries, purse, and wallets.

For the final touch of your gift, wrap them with some gift wrappers for only 10 pesos for three pieces.


What makes Christmas more wonderful are Foods. If you want to shop some ingredients for your Noche Buena, Commonwealth Market offers lot of them starting from fruits.

Whatever you desired recipe would be, you could surely buy their ingredients here for an affordable price and trusted quality.

After a tiring shopping, satisfy your cravings with these treats. Have some barbeques, rice foods, ice cream and other foods to fill your hungry belly.

“Safety-- MATTERS”

Still, this season had also high rates of criminal intent like stealing and snatching, For consumers, there are lots of things to be remembered while having your street shopping. Enjoy shopping and keep secured.

At the end of the day, Christmas is not just about buying gifts, new clothes and new stuffs. We must not forget that the real essence of Christmas is through giving without expecting any in return. We must share the blessing we have received for this year and celebrate our real Christmas-the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and the peace He brings in our hearts.                                                                                                            


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