Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Glimpse of Glory and Censure" (Online Ink’s Year End Review)

Saturday, December 31, 2011
The year of the Golden Rabbit is a milestone. . .
It has countless of remarkable happenings; joyful, glorious, unpleasant, and even thrilling experience.
Each day is a surprise. It might begin victorious and suddenly might drop.
Or might lose hope and on the last minute might rise.

Many have experience success; in business, career and even love.
Some have gone through tragedies and painful times.

But undeniably, this year is a year to celebrate how blessings have abundantly poured upon the hands of everyone. How the 12 months have embraced by the everlasting love of our creator and how he perfectly shined the bright light of hope to everyone.

Let us have a glimpse on the year of the Golden rabbit with a thankful heart and glory to God.

“BUENA MANO”— Best Angle Capture
'a statuesque 5’9"
 Waif thin 109 lbs.                                                                                               
named  SUPER MODEL!!

The stunning body of Danica Magpantay
(Photo by Google)
A toast for the year 2011 was made extra especial for the Magpantay clan, as their daughther Danica Flores Magpantay bagged the tiltle “2011 Ford Super Model of the World”, ensued last January 22, in New York City.

Danica Magpantay's shining moment as she  conquer the stage and  let the world see  the true beauty of a Filipina.
(Photo by Google)
The 17 years old lady once again proved the outshining gorgeous of Pinay among over 50 countries competed in the prestigious Ford Super Model of the world. Thus, winning a $250,000 (P11.12 million) modeling contract.

The Super Model
(Photo By Google)
Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters  Reigns for the 3rd Time”
Every team grabs the ball. . .
Takes the rebound. . .
Closes defense. . .
Fastens dribbles. . .
And seizes three-points . . .
Because nobody wants to lose!!!

Tropang Texters celebrates their back-to-back championship in PBA
(Photo by Fire Quinito)
More than 15,000 Talk and Text fans echoed the big dome with shouts and cheer as the team outgunned the Beermen. And vigorously won the 2010-2011 PBA Cup, laying at the pilot’s seat is the play maker Jimmy Alapag who was also chosen as the finals MVP.
Winning the third PBA- Philippine Cup title made every team enthusiast for the next game.

“Ligalig ng Yanig”— 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Slaps Metro Manila
Treacherous tremor occurred late in the afternoon at exactly 6:37 of March 21. Makati and Quezon City specifically experienced the vibration of the said earthquake.  As reported by the PHILVOLCS, the epicenter of the earthquake had been trace in the coast of Occidental Mindoro.

Although there were no reported damages and injuries among Metro, Manila inhabitants and the PHIVOLCS informs the public not to worry regarding the tremor. The public, most especially agencies in-concerned with earthquake had promoted different agenda for the safety during earthquake occurrences.

The Jan-Jan Incident Case 
Willie Revillame is again on the hot seat.

It was on the month of April when different sectors especially the Commission on Human Rights expressed their strong condemnation about the “Willing Willie” episode aired on March 12, 2011 wherein a 6-year old boy named Jan-Jan Suan performed a “macho-dancing routine”. This according to the CHR exhibits an exploitation of the child’s innocence and demeans his inherent dignity for entertainment's sake.
The multiple pressures exerted on Jan-Jan by the TV program’s host no other than Willie Revillame, audience, and his parents to perform a humiliating act in exchange for ten thousand pesos constitute child abuse. This incident had lead to a temporary termination of the program a month after the incident.

Willie Revillame, as he again faces new case.
Pacquiao versus Mosley 
As expected, the eight time World Boxing Champion Manny Pacman Pacquiao again brings glory the Filipinos on his Mosley fight in May, amidst the toppling issues and controversies that bubbled our country.

Pacquiao fires off an early knockdown punch to Sugar Shane Mosley as the latter resorted to backpedalling and survived y staying away from a direct engagement.  Pacquiao appear too gentlemanly as they tend to exchange punches like a sparring session, that disappointed most fans.
Yet, Pacman remained on top of the heat as the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

There's no doubt, Manny Pacquiao is a Pound-for-Pound King 
Philippines Man Crowned World’s Shortest 
A teenager in a rural province of the country was then recognized as the World’s Shortest Man as he turned eighteen.

Junrey Balawing, who is 59.93cm (23.6 inches) tall, felt proud as the Guiness Book of World Records presented him the certificate on his birthday on June 12.

He is more than 7cm shorter than the previous record holder, Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal, who had held the record since last October.

According to his father, Junrey had stopped growing since two. Junrey had difficulty in standing and walking but relatives and the community remained protective of him.
A cute victory for Junrey Balawing, who is 59.53 cm (23.6 inches)
Year of the Youth break the famous line of Dr. Jose Rizal
“Tularan mo ang bata, bulag sa kasalanan”

Children cannot lie because they are afraid to take the consequence of lying. But children today seem to change as the time move fast, they often involve in troubles. If before, children are innocent in making quandaries, now, they are one of the society’s problems.

Many were astonish as news in the television always flashing about these children who fearlessly running in the highway of EDSA, opening different cars, their target victim during traffic. And if they are spotted by authorities, these children were valiantly and easily jump over the elevated walls.

Video is owned by the Administrators

Because of this alarming incident, Congress passed the Republic Act 9344 or also known as the Juvenile Justice Act in the year 2006.
This law implies some provisions about the rights of those children who commit crimes.

According to this law, those children age lower than 15 are not yet criminally liable in any crime they committed. But those children age 15 10 18 should undergo the Intervention Program and Rehabilitation.

This law also implemented the Juvenile Justice Act and Welfare Council (JJWC) which consist of different agencies and the Department of Justice (DOJ) in executing the said law. One of the Agencies is the Commission on Human Rights.

Video is owned by the Administrators

If these children were not victims of syndicates poverty and influence of the people around them are some of the causes why they tend to commit crimes at their young age.

According to Ms. Dalisay Balagbagan, Psychologist and Guidance of Counselor of Polytechnic University of the Philippine, College of Communication, College of Technology and College of Engineering and Architecture, poverty and family problems are some of the major reasons why they involve in this kind of situation.

At the end of the day, children cannot commit crimes at their young age if and only if they were properly guided by their parents.

Maybe if the Children In Conflict with the Law were suitably mold by good moral and respect, if there’s no, at least, they were just ‘few’ numbers of children who are committing crimes. Maybe, there’s ‘no need’ to have a law that tackles their rights.

The famous line of Dr. Jose Rizal, “Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan” seems to contradict to what’s happening with the children today. But it’s not yet the end, there’s still time to change, especially for those children who chose to take the wrong path.

It is not right to judge these children based on the crime they have done, let them feel who really they are and what really their role in the society. Help them to take the right path this coming year of the water dragon and let them burn with assenting atmosphere.

Scandalous Showbiz Crime of the Year
As the month of October came to an end, one of the most shocking crime involving one of the most influential and biggest family in the world of politics and showbiz existed. It embodied the barbaric murder of one of the 72 children of Revilla Sr.; Ramgen Jose Magsaysay Bautista, also known as Ramgen Revilla. 

Video Courtesy of GMA Network

In the midst of the night of Oct. 28, 2011, the Bautista family residence at Paranaque City witnessed a brutal crime involving four major personalities that make up the story. Ramgen, the one who got multiple stab wounds and a shot to his head which eventually lead to his early death. Janelle Manahan, an actress and Ramgen’s girlfriend who also happened to be in the house where the crime took place that night, and also suffered from two shots in her head but luckily saved the fatal moment. Ramona “Mara” Bautista, Ramgen’s sister who, according to the police served at that time as the accesory of the crime enabling the killer to enter Ramgen’s room.And lastly, Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista, the timid brother of Ramgen and also one of the alleged suspect.

According to Ronald Ancajas, (Ramgen’s personal assistant and one of the alleged suspect) it is possible that the killing was planned and executed by the victim’s own siblings because of their rumored rivalry over money. Being the eldest, it was Ramgen whom their father trusted to managed their allowance. 

Janelle, after undergoing to some surgeries and operations, supported the given statement. According to her, Ramgen acted as the mother - father figure to the family. He’s the one responsible to punished, castigate and disciplined them for their false actions and doings.  This controlling action might trigger the hidden - malevolent feelings of his siblings to arrive at this callous crime.

GMA’s Drastic Moment
One of the controversial happenings in the world of politics highlighted the existence of the 11th month of 2011. It is one of the well-known controversy that make it to the front page of some leading broadsheets and tabloids, daliy discussion on radio stations and local TV networks appearances. It featured the filing of the electoral sabotage issued by the Comelec to the former President now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr. and former election supervisor Lintang Bedol.

According to Comelec commissioner Augusto Lagman, the required votes to file the case was met with the 5-2 votes.

Pasay RTC Judge Jesus Mupas issued the arrest warrants later in that day.

The warrant for GMA was served inside her room at the St. Lukes Medical Center in Taguig City where she was confined. 

In connection with the Maguindanao massacre, Ampatuan is detained at the Camp Bagong Diwa while Bedol is  also under detention. 

However, despite of the unpleasant and awful turn of events, Pres. Aquino wants Arroyo dealed with great respect according to Justice Secretary Leila M. De Lima as she was once became a president.  

Sendong’s Wrathful Rage ; Hello before Christmas
While some of us were busy preparing for the coming of Christmas, others were tirelessly searching for their family even without a little assurance if they were still alive or in the worst situation, dead. Others were full of agonies and problem on how to bury the cold, dead bodies of their loved ones. Others were facing the new-life with question on how, when and where again to start a new life again away from the tremendous scenario they have experienced after the tropical storm Sendong caused great and sudden destruction in the island of Mindanao.

December 15 2011 signalled the arrival of the tropical storm to the Philippine area of responsibility. Without any tip-off, it found it’s way to Surigao del Sur Mindanao. After a moment, it leaved it’s first stop and proceeded to Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City where it showed it’s great strength through flash floods and continuous, unbreakable rain. 

As dawn approaches, the image of the whole spot unnerved the people making it to look like an infinite and wide chocolate-colored bodies of water. It also ruined thousands of residences, livestocks and farm. The setting was so heart- pounding over the sea of lifeless body of the people.

A heart-pounding view after Sendong devastated the area
There were estimated 1,249 fatalities and 1,079 were officially missing from cagayan de Oro and Iligan City and other nearby provinces. Because of the landslide brought by the hard rain, 5 people died at the Compostella Valley. According to the AFP, about 2,000 were also rescued. More or less 39, 863 people were staying in 34 evacuation centers in both Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City.

Due to the rapid and unexpected number of dead bodies, funeral parlors confessed that they cannot harbour the immense number uof lifeless bodies that lead to the lacking of coffin and formalin. 

Different government and private agencies and regional and organizations are now giving their solid help to the victims be it in kind or in cash. Local and regional TV networks also lend a helping hand to the victims and survivors by means of foods, clothes, personal care stuffs and cash. The government of Malaysia and Germany also gave an ample help by donating P34 million. The Association of the Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific also gave generous assistance to the affected people.

---As the curtain of the year 2011, folded and bid its last farewell, those crucial and momentous episodes mentioned above that filled the movie strips of our nation will also vanish soon.

Just like the common movies, one can categorically find it as comedy, horror, action, science – fiction and heartwarming kind. Be it in showbiz, politics, local events (crime, good news, bad news, tragic events) and foreign news; it all made our mind to focus (waiting for every step) and deeply affected us. It influenced us on a way that we didn’t even expected and beyond our senses.

But despite of these occurrences; whether it positively or negatively affects us, we should always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and it is for the better. Our Creator designed it all for us to become a better person and it made our life to be packed with lots of superb colors and that’s what makes life different. Regardless of the awful and unwanted happenings, one must take the courage to go on and face the new life armed with strength, valour and a new and refresh mindset that everything will going to be fine.

As a human with the ability to balance out things, we must take into account that everything has its own end. As we leave the cinema where we witnessed the show of our whole and intricate nation just like any other people who departed after watching the movie, we must be fulfilled and pleased.

“There’s a rainbow always after the rain” a line from the song “Rainbow” by the Southboarder that gave us a noteworthy message that we can apply to our life especially when face with troubles.


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